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New World Patch 2.0.3 Update: Rafflebones Loot and Fixes

New World has just released patch 2.0.3, bringing exciting new content and addressing several issues. One of the highlights of this patch is the introduction of the Rafflebones event, featuring the formidable Lord of the Bones himself, Mr. Rafflebones. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of the event, explore the loot you can obtain, and touch upon the various fixes that have been implemented.


New World Patch 2.0.3 Update: Rafflebones Loot and Fixes


Rafflebones Event Overview

The Rafflebones event is now live and offers players a chance to face off against the powerful level 66 Rafflebones. The event allows you to summon Rafflebones by activating summoning circles found throughout the world. These circles spawn the menacing Lord of the Bones, and your goal is to defeat him within a certain time frame. If you fail to do so, Rafflebones will retreat back into the portal.


Event Rewards

Defeating Rafflebones grants you access to a variety of exciting rewards. By engaging in this event, you have the opportunity to earn the following:

  • Fortune Hunter's Hatchet: A powerful weapon that comes with unique perks and attributes.
  • Fortune Hunter's Great Axe: Another formidable weapon with its own set of random perks.
  • Peg and Norby Moss: Valuable crafting resources that can be used to enhance your gear.
  • 500 Humble Shards: A currency that can be exchanged for valuable items.
  • Obsidian Gypsum: A crafting material that can be used to improve gear expertise.


Event Mechanics and Strategy

To participate in the Rafflebones event, find the summoning circles marked on the map. Summon Rafflebones and engage in battle. Be prepared for a challenging fight, as Rafflebones is a level 66 opponent. Defeating him before he escapes is essential to claim your rewards.


Loot and Rewards Analysis

The loot from Rafflebones appears to be randomized, adding an element of unpredictability to the rewards. Certain weapons, such as the Fortune Hunter's Hatchet and Great Axe, come with various perks and attributes, making them a potential boon to your character's strength. These perks can enhance both PvE and PvP gameplay, providing you with versatile gear options.


Players have reported receiving named items like Admiral's Peg and Admiral's Pantaloons, which are valuable gear pieces that can greatly contribute to your character's progression. This event serves as an excellent opportunity to acquire gear upgrades and enhance your arsenal.


Patch Fixes and Updates

Patch 2.0.3 addresses several issues and implements fixes to improve the overall gameplay experience. Notable fixes include:

  • Addressing issues with treasure chests obtained through fishing hindered quest progression.
  • Resolving crashes when entering Expeditions, ensuring smoother gameplay.
  • Fixing the final chest unlock issue in Lazarus.
  • Correcting quest-related problems, such as the completion of Break Some Eggs.


Economic Changes

Economic changes have also been introduced, with certain types of fish now available in Everfall. Additionally, the relocation of nutmeg loot spawns from Great Cleave and First Light to Windsward and Reekwater may have implications for crafting recipes that require this ingredient.



The New World Patch 2.0.3 introduces the exciting Rafflebones event, allowing players to face the challenging Lord of the Bones and earn valuable rewards. Engaging in this event is an excellent way to acquire powerful gear upgrades and enhance your character's strength. While the event may not be a game-changing feature, it offers a fun and rewarding experience for players looking to test their skills and bolster their arsenal. Stay tuned for further updates, and make sure to participate in the Rafflebones event before it concludes. As the game continues to evolve, these limited-time events provide a fresh and engaging way to enjoy New World's dynamic world.

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