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New World Mounts Guide: Everything You Need To Know in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of the New World, mounts have emerged as a highly anticipated feature. This detailed guide compiles all the essential information available on mounts in this immersive MMORPG. From their acquisition through questlines to the diverse types, riding mechanics, and the intriguing connection to trade skills, we'll delve deep into the realm of New World mounts. Discover the customization options that allow you to personalize your mount, functional perks that enhance your gameplay, and even insights into the future of mounts in New World. 



New World Mounts Guide: Everything You Need To Know in 2023


How to Obtain Mounts?

Mounts in New World are not simply handed to you; they are unlocked through a questline. This questline serves as an engaging introduction to the mechanics of riding and allows you to obtain your first mount. Afterwards, you can pursue additional questlines to unlock different mount types. As of now, there are three distinct mount types:


  • Horses: These are your starting mounts and become available at level 25 through a questline in Everfall.
  • Direwolves: Unlocked at level 45 through a separate questline.
  • Lions or Felines: These majestic creatures become accessible at level 60.


The exciting part is that you don't need to purchase mounts; they are earned through gameplay.


Riding Mechanics

The riding experience in New World is designed to be user-friendly and immersive. When you summon your mount, it appears directly beneath you, ensuring you won't encounter awkward spawning issues. You can mount up almost anywhere, including towns, although town areas may have speed limits, preventing you from sprinting.


Mounts have the ability to sprint, providing a temporary speed boost. However, this sprint comes with a cooldown, preventing continuous use. Even without sprinting, mounts are notably faster than walking. Movement on a mount may differ slightly from on foot, possibly limiting quick, snappy manoeuvres while sprinting.


A noteworthy restriction is that mounts won't be usable in Wars. While this makes strategic sense, it may limit some exciting tactical opportunities. Whether mounts will have any role in other PvP modes like Outpost Rush or 3v3 remains to be determined.


Influence races within New Territories will allow mount usage, but you cannot engage in combat while mounted.


Mounts and Trade Skills

Mounts are intertwined with a new trade skill, although details are vague. This trade skill has a maximum level of 250. While some articles suggest it enhances mount speed, others mention increased endurance. Regardless, mounts having levels is a consistent theme. These levels are tied to the mount type and contribute to their speed.


Mount levels can be increased through various means, including special food, specific quests, and participation in small races. These races involve racing against the clock, hitting checkpoints within a time limit. Successfully completing races rewards you with Mount XP or vittles, which potentially increase your mount's level.


Mount Customization

The customization options for mounts in New World are diverse and exciting. Cosmetics can alter your mount's appearance, from changing its breed (for horses) to equipping armour or other items. Some items can enhance your mount's speed or stamina, with vittles potentially providing temporary boosts.


Mount skins are account-bound, allowing you to use them on all your characters. Given that some skins may come from the new world store (K-Cash shop), this is a welcome feature.


Mount Gear Tab

Mounts have their own gear tab, comprising two perk slots for functional items, two cosmetic slots for customization, and four consumable slots, presumably for vittles. The known functional perks include the following:


  • Encumbrance Boost: Increases your encumbrance limit while mounted (requires level 60 riding). This perk is useful for extensive resource-gathering runs.
  • Cleanse on Fast Mount: Automatically removes crowd control effects when mounting in combat (requires level 50 riding). This perk offers significant utility in combat situations.
  • Dash Recharge Boost: Increases your mount's dash recharge rate (requires level 40 riding). A favourite among speed enthusiasts.


Mount Naming

You have the freedom to name your mount in New World, although it needs to be clarified how this name will be displayed to other players, given that mounts don't appear to walk beside you. It's a personal touch that adds to the bond between the player and the mount.


Future of Mounts in New World

Excitingly, more mount types are planned for future updates, promising even more variety and opportunities for players to explore. For those deeply invested in New World's lore, there's a tantalizing hint that explains why you can't ride mounts in certain areas due to their wild and feral nature, hinting at an upcoming expansion.


As New World continues to evolve, mounts offer an exciting addition to the gameplay experience, enhancing both convenience and immersion. With various mount types, customization options, and the promise of future updates, the world of Aeternum is becoming an even more captivating place to explore.

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