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Guild Wars 2 New Open World Legendary Armor: How to Obtain it in Secrets of the Obscure?

Welcome to the casual guide on how to obtain the new Open World Legendary Armor in the upcoming Secrets of the Obscure expansion. Unlike previous legendary sets, you won't need to engage in competitive game modes this time. You can acquire this legendary armor by simply playing the new expansion content. This guide aims to make the process as painless and cost-effective as possible, breaking down the requirements and offering efficient ways to obtain them.



Guild Wars 2 New Open World Legendary Armor: How to Obtain it in Secrets of the Obscure?


Breaking Down the Armor

Let's start by dividing the legendary armor into four essential components, with two important remarks:


Gift of Might and Magic Prosperity: Materials Gathering These gifts will be mostly gated by farming various components.
Gift of Expertise:Farming Akanban Stuff Gather materials efficiently for this gift.
Gift of Stormy Skies: Explore Skywatch Archipelago and Amnitas This part will require exploration but is relatively inexpensive.
Arcanum of Astral Armor: Lesser Vision Crystals You'll need six Vision Crystals for a full set.


Unlocking Astral World Armor

Before purchasing the Arcanum, you need to unlock the Astral World Armor by completing collections like Rift Hunter Armor and Astral Ward Armor. This is crucial for efficiently obtaining legendary armor.


Material Breakdown

Now, let's dive into the actual materials needed for crafting the legendary armor, starting with the potentially intimidating Mystic Clovers:


Mystic Clovers
  • Obtainable through gambling in the Mystic Forge or various vendors.
  • Forge gambling can be a cost-effective method, offering a chance at Mystic Clovers and tier 6 materials.
Spirit Shards
  • You'll need 300 for a full set.
  • Obtain through regular gameplay or crafting.
Lesser Vision Crystals
  • Craftable from tier 7 materials, often acquired through events, bags, and chests.
  • Salvaging ascendant gear and other methods can also yield Lesser Vision Crystals.
Gifts of Craftsmanship
  • Require 300 Provisioner Tokens for a full set.
  • Learn how to obtain these tokens efficiently.
Obsidian Shards
  • Buy these from specific vendors in the game world.
Gifts of Research
  • Buy 250 Thermocatalytic Reagents for 3 gold and 70 silver.
  • Earn gw2 gold passively through daily achievements.
Research Notes
  • Learn how to acquire Research Notes efficiently, as they are essential for crafting.
Exotic Essences of Luck
  • These can be obtained by salvaging items, typically accumulated over time.


Obtaining Additional Components

Now, let's focus on the components that can be farmed or passively gained:

  • Cases of Captured Lightning and Pouches of Stardust: Farm these as rewards from daily meta event completion in the Skywatch Archipelago and Amnitas.
  • Cubes of Stabilized Dark Energy: Obtain Ball of Dark Energy from salvaging ascended items. Purchase Stabilizing Matrices from trading posts or obtain them from fractal reward chests.
  • Essences from Rifts: Learn how to farm Rift Essences efficiently and how to maximize your gains from Rifts.


Gathering Tier 6 Materials

Gathering Tier 6 materials (fangs, bones, claws, scales, venom, and dust) for the Gifts will require some farming. Explore various methods to acquire them, including open-world content and event participation.


Smart Strategies

To sum up, here are three key strategies for obtaining the legendary armor:

  • Play the Game: Engage in open-world content, metas, and events to collect materials passively.
  • Rift Farming: Regularly participate in Rifts to accumulate Rift Essences.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Purchases: Refrain from buying materials you don't explicitly need on the trading post to minimize costs.



By following these strategies and utilizing efficient methods, obtaining the new Open World Legendary Armor can be a less daunting task than it initially appears. Enjoy the journey as you play the game and work towards crafting your legendary armor sets.

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