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New World Expansion New Attributes Breakdown: Building for Success

The latest PTR patch for New World is poised to bring a significant transformation to character attributes and thresholds. In this guide, we will delve into the details of these new attributes, highlighting the changes that will impact character builds. With 25 new attribute thresholds and an increased total attribute pool of 600, players are in for a paradigm shift in how they approach their character development. So, let's dissect the strengths and weaknesses of these new attributes and explore how they may reshape the meta and your favourite character builds. 



New World Expansion New Attributes Breakdown: Building for Success


New Attributes and Thresholds

The expansion introduces 25 new thresholds and an increased total attribute point pool of 600 (excluding the base 5 points). This expanded attribute system opens up new opportunities for diverse character builds, allowing players to experiment with different combinations.



  • 25 Strength: 5% Light Attack damage
  • 50 Strength: 10% Heavy Attack damage
  • 100 Strength: 10% Physical Damage
  • 150 Strength: 15% Stamina Recovery
  • 200 Strength: 10% Crowd Control (CC) damage
  • 250 Strength: 25% Stamina Attacks
  • 300 Strength: 10% Retaliate Damage
  • 350 Strength: 30% Damage on the last Light Attack


The Strength attributes favour a balanced approach. While some bonuses are appealing, others might not be optimal for most playstyles. The 350 Strength bonus, for example, seems situational and may need to be more widely used.



  • 25 Dexterity: 5% Critical Chance
  • 50 Dexterity: 5% Diamond (damage bonus at full HP)
  • 100 Dexterity: 5% Opal (damage bonus when not at full Stamina)
  • 150 Dexterity: 15% Damage over Time (DoT) Duration
  • 200 Dexterity: 10% Backstab or Headshot Damage
  • 250 Dexterity: 10% Shing and Power (gain when dodging)
  • 300 Dexterity: 10% Dodge Stamina Reduction
  • 350 Dexterity: 15% Critical Chance when Empowered


Dexterity attributes offer various options for optimizing your character's performance. The 350 Dexterity bonus is particularly interesting for ranged builds, and certain melee builds that can reliably trigger Empowerment.



  • 25 Intelligence: 5% Critical Damage
  • 50 Intelligence: 10% DoT Damage
  • 100 Intelligence: 10% Basic Elemental Attacks
  • 150 Intelligence: 15% All Elemental Damage
  • 200 Intelligence: 10% Mana per Crit
  • 250 Intelligence: 30% DoT Duration
  • 300 Intelligence: 10% Execute (damage bonus at low HP)
  • 350 Intelligence: 15% Ability Damage


Intelligence attributes are a boon for magic-based builds, particularly the 350 Intelligence bonus that significantly boosts ability damage. Fire Staff users, in particular, stand to benefit greatly from these changes.



  • 25 Focus: 5% Cooldown Reduction
  • 50 Focus: 10% Divine (healing bonus)
  • 100 Focus: 120% Mana and Regen
  • 150 Focus: 20% Healing
  • 200 Focus: 20% Buff Duration
  • 250 Focus: 1% Heal per Second on Assists and 15% on Kills
  • 300 Focus: 20% Lifeline Fortify (details unclear)
  • 350 Focus: 50% Cooldown Reduction on Heart Run


Focus attributes are essential for support roles. The 350 Focus bonus offers an incredible 50% cooldown reduction on Heart Run, making healers even more vital in group play.



  • 25 Constitution: 10% Consumables' Divine (effectiveness bonus)
  • 50 Constitution: 10% Armor (above 50% HP)
  • 100 Constitution: 10% Armor (translated to HP)
  • 150 Constitution: 10% Resilient (CC duration reduction)
  • 200 Constitution: 10% Armor
  • 250 Constitution: 60% Damage Reduction at 100% HP (possibly over time)
  • 300 Constitution: Grit on Light Attacks (mandatory for melee builds)
  • 350 Constitution: 15% Damage Reduction with Grit


Constitution attributes cater to tanky builds. The 350 Constitution bonus provides substantial damage reduction for those who can maintain Grit.


Building Hypothetical New World Builds

Great Axe + Warhammer Players may shift from 200 Strength and 300 Constitution to 250 Strength and 350 Constitution, focusing on both damage and tankiness.
Blunderbuss + Ice Gauntlet Build options become more flexible, with the potential for light assassin builds utilizing 350 Dexterity, 200 Constitution, and 25 in other attributes.
Rapier + Void Gauntlet The meta build may transition from 250 Focus and 250 Constitution to 350 Focus and 250 Constitution, extending the duration of dot-based effects and improving overall performance.
Life Staff + Rapier Healers may adapt to the changes by investing in 350 Focus and choosing between 260 or 360 Constitution.
Fire Staff Fire Staff users will likely opt for 350 Intelligence, possibly with 250 Constitution for added survivability.
Spear + Great Sword This build could see a shift from 300 Dexterity and 200 Constitution to 300 Dexterity, 200 Strength, and 100 Constitution for increased damage output.
Hatchet + Great Sword Players might explore a more assassin-oriented build with 300 Dexterity, 200 Strength, and 100 Constitution, balancing damage and survivability.
Sword and Shield (SNS) Tank enthusiasts will embrace 550 Constitution and 50 Focus, benefiting from Divine without needing an amulet.



The new expansion attributes in New World open up exciting possibilities for character builds, allowing players to tailor their characters to their preferred playstyle. While some traditional builds may see slight changes, others might take advantage of the expanded attribute pool to experiment with novel combinations. The key to success in this evolving landscape lies in understanding the attribute thresholds and how they synergize with your chosen weapons and playstyle. Adaptation and creativity will be the keys to mastering the new world of attributes in the New World.

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