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A Detailed Guide To New Armor, Weapons and Unique Items in Guild Wars 2 SOTO

Guild Wars 2 has introduced a plethora of new armor and weapons in the Secrets of the Obscure (SOTO) expansion cycle. In this detailed guide, we will unveil the secrets to unlocking a plethora of mesmerizing armor sets, formidable weapons, and unique items that will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Join us on this epic journey as we explore the realms of Tyria, revealing the intricate steps and achievements required to claim your coveted loot. From Astral Ward Armor to Enchanted Owl Griffon Skins, we've got you covered. So, gear up and prepare for an adventure like no other. 



A Detailed Guide To New Armor, Weapons and Unique Items in Guild Wars 2 SOTO


New Armor Sets

Astral Ward Armor

The Astral Ward Armor is a stunning set seen on many NPCs around the Wizard's Tower. To unlock the vendor selling this beautiful armor, you must have completed and unlocked the Astral Crafting Mastery found in the Astral Ward Mastery track. The Astral Ward Armor is a precursor collection for the new PVE Obsidian Legendary Armor sets, all three of them.

  • Armor Weights: Light, Medium, and Heavy all share the same appearance.
  • Components Needed: To purchase a complete set, you will need:
    • Six Purified Cryptus Essences
    • 3,000 Research Notes
    • Six Pouches of Stardust
    • Six Cases of Captured Lightning
    • One Gift of Claws, Dust, Scales, Venom, Bones, and Fang (one gift per item).

There are two vendors for this armor, both located in the outer ring of the Wizard's Tower. It's recommended to use Leah, a vendor who not only sells Astral Ward Armor but also offers the necessary gifts for those who still need to get max-level Crafters.


Rift Hunter Armor:

The Rift Hunter Armor shares the same appearance across all weights and is rewarded for completing the main story arc of Secrets of the Obscure. It is also part of the Legendary Obsidian Armor collection, which can be found in the achievement section under 


Legendary Armor:

Please note that world vs. world and PvP players can unlock Rift Hunter's Armor via the SOTO reward track, provided they have purchased the expansion.


Upcoming Armor Sets:

As of September 2023, there are two armor sets, including a cryptus-inspired Demonic set, which will be added to the game through content patches in the Secrets of the Obscure rollout.


One-Off Armor Items:

The Sanctified Boots, Gloves, and Shoulders are currently available in the Wizard's Vault for 375 Astral Acclaim each. They will be moved to the archive at an increased cost at some point, so it's advisable to acquire them before that happens.


Achievement Unlocks

  • Astral Ribbon Back Piece: Unlock via the Skywatch Archipelago Mastery.
  • Astral Ward Cloak: Unlocked through the Honorary Astral Ward achievement.
  • Visage of Nari's: Find it inside the Amnatas Horde by successfully completing the Defense of Amnatas meta event.


Weapons and Sets

Eagle Eye Weapons Eagle Eye weapons can be obtained from Sirius and Dagged Coffers at their strike mission rewards, as well as Eagle Eye weapons chests, which drop from the Wizard's Horde Chest. Players of world vs. World and PvP can also unlock these weapons from the SOTO reward track if they have purchased the expansion.
Sanctified Weapon Skins The Sanctified weapon skins are a beautifully cohesive set that costs 150 Astral Acclaim each in the Wizard's Vault.
Shattered Weapons Acquire Shattered Weapons by defeating Champions and looting chests in the Horn of Maguuma. If you're unlucky with drops and are searching for specific ones, you can purchase them on the trading post.
Sinful Weapons Sinful Weapons have a drop chance from Sirius and Dagged Strike Mission Coffers. For players with less luck, Nick the Lost in the Wizard's Tower sells these weapons for 375 Green Profit Shards or under 15 gold each.
Sky Forged Weapons Sky Forged Weapons can be looted from Minor Arcane Chests, but you'll need Astral Ward Mastery for this. They can also be acquired from Amnatas Gearbox, Amnatas Horde, Sirius Coffers, Dagged Coffers, and Sky Forge Weapon Boxes, which drop from the Wizard's Horde for successfully completing the Amnatas meta event. If you get gold in the Sky Scale Target Practice minigame, you'll receive a Sky Forged Weapon.
Sky Scale Weapons Sky Scale Weapons are adorable and are a random reward for successfully completing a Tier Three Rift.
Crafted Weapons Sets
  • Storm's Eye Weapons: The recipes for Storm's Eye Weapons are purchased from Faction Provisioners in the Skywatch Archipelago. However, you must have unlocked the base Eagle Eye Weapon to buy the crafted version. Purchasing all the Storm's Eye weapon recipes will cost you 80 Unusual Coins.
  • Storm Ford Weapons: Storm Ford Weapons can also be purchased from Faction Provisioners, but this time in Amnatas. It would help if you unlocked the associated Sky Forge Weapon to access the recipes. Again, purchasing all the recipes will cost you 80 Unusual Coins.


One-Off Items

  • Eternal Blade: Unlocked via The Echoes of the Obscure achievement.
  • Jotan Sky Piercer: Unlocked by completing the achievement of the same name.
  • Scales of Dagrama: Unlocked by the Scales of Dagrama achievement.
  • Knowledge of the Elders Torch: Unlocked by the Knowledge of the Elders achievement.
  • Spire of the Forgotten: Unlocked via the Spire of the Forgotten achievement.
  • Strength of the Unseen: Unlocked by completing the Strength of the Unseen achievement.
  • Waylit Lantern: Unlocked by completing the Waylit Lantern achievement.


Mount Skins

  • Enchanted Owl Griffin Skin: Costing 1,000 Astral Acclaim from the Wizard's Vault, this mount skin is truly exquisite.
  • Cryptus Sky Scale: To unlock this unique mount, you must first complete the New Look Achievement, which involves unlocking the SOTO Sky Scale.


The KryptIs SkyScale requires a significant investment, even if you already have a Sky Scale. Please refer to external sources or guides for detailed information on how to obtain it.



In total, with this guide, you now possess the Knowledge to embark on your quest for the most coveted gear in the game. Whether you're chasing legendary armor, unique achievements, or exquisite weapon skins, the world of Tyria is yours to explore. So, equip yourself with the finest gear, embrace the challenges, and make your mark in the ever-evolving realm of Guild Wars 2. Your epic adventure begins now!

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