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New World Season 3 Mining Guide: Leveling, Gear and Routes | Update 2023

Welcome to the ultimate New World Mining Guide, freshly updated for all aspiring miners out there. We'll walk you through the best routes at different skill levels, essential buffs, proficiency boosters, and the latest trade skill armor to boost your mining prowess. Plus, we'll delve into attribute allocation, pickaxe enchantments, and where to find the best pickaxes. So, let's dig deep and unearth the secrets to becoming a mining expert in New World!


New World Season 3 Mining Guide: Leveling, Gear and Routes | Update 2023


Buffs and Proficiency Boosters

Before you embark on your mining journey, it's crucial to prepare with the right buffs and proficiency boosters to maximize your mining efficiency.

  • Food Buffs: There are five different food buffs available on the auction house. The best one for mining is the Salted Roasted Vegetables, which increases your mining luck by 2,000 points for 40 minutes.
  • Proficiency Boosters: There are four different proficiency boosters, with the Powerful Proficiency Booster being the best. It increases your yield by 15% for 30 minutes.
  • Trophies: Placing trophies in your house can enhance your mining abilities. The Major Mining Trophy is the most beneficial, increasing your mining luck by 1,500 points.
  • Music Buffs: You can use music to unlock various buffs, including Gathering Speed Increase (75% for 30-90 minutes), Gathering Yield Increase (3-10% for 30-90 minutes), and Luck Labor (Gathering Luck Increase by 2-5% for 30-90 minutes).
  • Music XP Boost: Once you reach music level 205, you can get an increased music XP bonus for any activity you do.


How to Getting the New Mining Gear?

New World has introduced a brand new trade skill armor set designed specifically for miners. This new armor provides a significant upgrade over the previous gear, offering a 5.6% mining luck bonus and a 1.5% yield increase.


To obtain this new mining gear, you must first reach a mining level of 250. Once you achieve this milestone, you'll start receiving aptitude boxes from mining. These aptitude boxes contain the patterns required to craft the new mining gear. When you acquire one of these patterns, you can instantly craft the corresponding piece of gear.


Keep in mind that until you reach level 250 mining, you can still equip the best available mining armor, which is typically available on the auction house.


Attributes: The Power of Strength

Investing in strength is essential for miners, as it provides various perks for mining. Here's what you can expect at different strength levels:

25 Strength 10% mining speed.
50 Strength Reduced weight.
100 Strength 50 encumbrance.
150 Strength 10% less weight of mined items.
200 Strength 20% mining speed.
250 Strength 10% yield increase.
300 Strength 25% chance to one-hit ores.
350 Strength 10% chance to find rare items when mining.


Therefore, it's recommended to invest in strength early in your mining journey to unlock these valuable perks.


Pickaxe Enchantments

For your pickaxe, focus on acquiring these enchantments:

  • Gathering Recovery
  • Mining Efficiency


While Gathering Recovery is useful, Mining Efficiency should be your top priority. It significantly enhances your mining output. Ensure your pickaxe has both of these enchantments for optimal results.


Best Pickaxes for Mining

You can use different pickaxes at various levels. However, it's not advisable to invest heavily in enchantments for lower-tier pickaxes. Save your resources for the Mythril pickaxe. Once you obtain a Mythril pickaxe, aim for the best-in-slot pickaxe with these enchantments:

  • Moes Perk
  • Mining Yield
  • Mining Luck
  • Prospector's Discipline
  • Mining Efficiency

If you can't find a pickaxe with Mining Efficiency, prioritize this enchantment over the others.


Best Routes for Mining at Different Levels

  • 0-150 Mining: Start your journey by mining Iron and Silver. An excellent route runs from Everfall and continues in a loop. Check available resources or websites for detailed routes.
  • 150-205 Mining: At this stage, you can mine Orichalcum Ore. One of the best locations for this resource is at the bottom right of the map, near rWater. Explore the cliffsides to find a plethora of Orichalcum nodes.
  • 205 and Beyond: For high-level mining, you have multiple options for mining Mythril Ore. Refer to specific routes available online or check the video linked in the description for detailed guidance.



Becoming a master miner in New World requires dedication and strategic planning. By following the tips and information in this guide, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of mining. Whether you're looking to level up your mining skills or amass a fortune in valuable ores, this guide has got you covered. Happy mining, and may your pouches be forever filled with precious resources!

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