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New World Season 3 Mutation Guide: How to effectively complete the M2 and M3 challenges?

Prepare yourself for the new challenges of New World M2 and M3 mutations! In this player guide, we break down the significant changes introduced in the expansion, offering insights and tips to conquer these elevated difficulties. This guide will help you navigate the complex mechanics of weakening and rending boss mobs in M3 dungeons. Boost your chances of success, and learn how to adapt to the new meta in your quest for victory.



New World Season 3 Mutation Guide: How to effectively complete the M2 and M3 challenges?


Mutations in New World

Before we dive into the details, let's clarify some basics about New World's M1, M2, and M3 mutations. M1 is a breeze for most players, requiring a gear score of 650 or higher. However, the real challenge begins with M2 and M3. These mutations demand a gear score of 675 and 695, respectively, and come with significant changes to how weakening and rending affects boss mobs.


The Mechanics of Weakening and Rending

To succeed in M2 and M3, it's crucial to comprehend the mechanics of weakening and rending. Weakening reduces the damage boss mobs deal to you, while rending increases the damage you inflict on them. As of the expansion, a pivotal change has occurred: in M2, 50% of the weaken and rend you apply gets deleted. In M3, this deletion increases to a whopping 75%. This fundamental shift is the source of the increased difficulty in these dungeons, and it's crucial to adapt.


Mastering Weakening

Now that you understand the challenge, let's discuss how to stack weakening effectively. The goal is to reduce the damage inflicted by boss mobs and enhance your survivability.


Top 5 Ways to Apply Weakening

  • Enfeebling Skewer (47%): This perk is exclusive to the spear weapon and provides the most significant weakening percentage.
  • Perforate (30%): Achieve this by landing all three hits with Perforate and the Impactful Strikes perk.
  • Spark of Life (30%): Obtainable from the Lazurus mutation, this perk allows you to apply 30% weakening with the Mighty Gavel skill.
  • Spiky Impairment (30%): This perk, available on the flail, lets you apply 30% weakening when it stacks three times.
  • Enfeebling Maelstrom (27%): For great axe users, this skill provides 27% weakening.


Honorable Mentions for Weakening

  • Brutal Heart Rune of Grasp and Vines (20%)
  • Rending Throw (20%)
  • Sundering Javelin (40%): Exclusive to the spear, but only applies weakening when boss mobs are above 50% health.
  • Sundering Repost (25%): Applies weakening when the mob is actively hitting you.
  • Whirling Blade (15%): An excellent option for sword and shield players.


Mastering Rending

Now, let's delve into how to apply rend effectively. Rending is essential for increasing your damage output, which becomes even more critical in M2 and M3 dungeons.


Top 5 Ways to Apply Rending

  • Sundering Javelin (40%): Exclusive to the spear, this perk is best used when boss mobs are above 50% health.
  • Armor Breaker's Lasting Trauma (30%): This perk provides 30% rend and doesn't require additional equipment.
  • Sundering Clear Out (25%): Available for the Warhammer, it offers a solid 25% rend.
  • Sundering Repost (25%): Although not the best option for a Rapier DPS build, it can be useful.
  • Sundering Javelin on Armor (21%): An unconventional choice, but it can provide 21% rend.


Honorable Mentions for Rending

  • Perforate (30%)
  • Reaping Strikes (30%): Only when boss mobs are above 50% health.
  • Trapped Damage (20%): An option for musket users.
  • Sunder and Shock Wave (15%): For sword and shield players.


Additional Tips for Success

  • Consider Adjusting Your Constitution: If you're struggling, temporarily increase your constitution to enhance your survival.
  • Optimize Your Gear: Utilize the Featherweight Jacket for additional benefits while staying in the light armor category.
  • Use Beneficial Rings: Equip rings like the Blood Drinker Ring for added leeching effects and increased health restoration.



With this guide, you're better equipped to tackle the challenges of M2 and M3 mutations in New World. Remember to adapt your strategies, maximize weakening and rending, and optimize your gear and attributes. We hope this guide helps you on your journey to victory. 

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