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New World Nightveil Hallow 2023 Event Complete Guide

The Nightveil Hallow event has made a triumphant return in 2023 with notable changes and additions. Delve into the revamped Nightveil Hallow event of 2023 in New World. From essential quest details to the all-new cosmetics and treats, discover everything you need to conquer this event with ease. So, let's dive into the spook-tacular world of Nightveil Hallow in 2023.


New World Nightveil Hallow 2023 Event Complete Guide


Event Duration

The Nightveil Hallow event runs from the 18th of October until the 14th of November, giving you plenty of time to participate and collect all the event-exclusive rewards. Make sure you make the most of this time to maximize your experience.


Event Start and Quest

  • Event Location: The Nightveil Hallow event begins in the center of any town that you can capture. Look for a cauldron and Salvator to start the event.
  • Salvator's Quest: Salvator will offer you a quest that involves defeating the world boss. The quest is relatively simple, and you can follow the quest marker to locate the boss.


World Boss Encounter

  • World Boss: The world boss fight is similar to previous years. The boss will have a unique appearance and requires you to act quickly. There is a preliminary phase where you need to defeat smaller Halloween-themed creatures before engaging the boss.
  • Boss Mechanics: To defeat the world boss effectively, you need to focus on using the small creatures around to lower the boss's stamina. This will enable you to deal significant damage to it.
  • Community Approach: Due to the high number of participants in this event, it's common for players to focus on killing the boss directly without engaging with the mechanics.


Quest Completion and Reputation

Once you've defeated the world boss, you'll receive an IA item. You need to return to the cauldron and place the IA in it to complete the quest. Your in-game reputation will significantly increase upon quest completion.


Event Rewards

  • Event Rewards: Defeating the boss will reward you with various items, including a box, IA, and a chance to obtain 650 purple gear for your first five kills.
  • Cosmetics and Emotes: The event store offers various cosmetics, emotes, and housing items from the previous year's event.
  • Legendary Patterns: There are legendary patterns available for purchase, but they are capped at 675 gear score and may not be appealing to everyone.
  • New Helmets and Housing Items: The event introduces new helmets and housing items for players to collect.
  • Possessed Walk: One of the highlights of the event is the Possessed Walk emote, which transforms your character in a comically amusing way.


Costumes and Treats

  • Costumes: Costumes are obtained from defeating the boss and are the only way to acquire them. These costumes last for 30 minutes, during which you can participate in the event activities.
  • Treats and Candies: In each town, you'll find treat baskets. You can loot them for candies, and there appear to be three types.
    • Angry Earth Candy Fish: Transforms you into a fish.
    • Corrupted Jelly Beans: Gives your eyes a red glow for 5 minutes.
    • Ancient Grizzly Gummies: Offers a potential buff to increase Nightveil token gains.
  • Daily Reset: Treat boxes reset daily, providing you with more opportunities to collect candies and Nightveil tokens.


Additional Information

  • Gold Rewards: For the first three kills of the day, you'll receive new world gold in the reward box, making it worthwhile to participate in the event multiple times a day.
  • Missing Content: Be aware that some content, like the witching flying emote and the Lost Black Licorice candy, might not be available yet or could be introduced in future patches.


Event Shop

The Nightveil Hallow shop offers a variety of items at different tiers. Here are the notable items:

  • Fledgling Tier: Weapon patterns for various weapons and shields.
  • Nightveil Sentinel Tier: Items from the previous year, such as The Jackal Lantern, The Pride of the Witch Hat, and more.
  • Nightveil Ghoul Tier: New 2023 items, including a cowl, headdress, crown, Vass, housing items like the Throne of the Hollow, Bazo's Offering, and the Summoner Circle, two new emotes (Tremble in Fear and Possessed Walk), and the Hex Canopy camp skin.


Crafting Patterns

When you purchase weapon patterns from the shop, you'll receive a first-time craft bonus, granting you weapon smithing XP when you craft the item. This is an excellent opportunity to level up your weapon smithing or engineering skills. Be mindful that the patterns have a specific gear score (e.g., 640) and can potentially be increased if you have gear, trophies, and bonuses that boost your crafting abilities.



The Nightveil Hallow event in New World 2023 is primarily about fun and cosmetics rather than player power. While there are rewards to be earned, they might not be appealing to more hardcore players. Nevertheless, participating in the event, collecting candies, and transforming into amusing characters can make it an enjoyable experience. Make sure to take advantage of the event's daily reset and obtain your daily gold rewards.

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