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Guild Wars 2 Power Soulbeast PvE Builds: Powerful DPS & Highest Damage

Introducing the Power Soulbeast, an exceptional DPS build in Guild Wars 2 that offers both simplicity and staggering damage output. With the ability to merge with your ferocious pet, this build boasts self-sufficiency, delivering the power to carry your team through even the most formidable challenges. In this guide, we'll explore every facet of this majestic build, from pet selection and gear choices to utility skills and the intricacies of the rotation. 



Guild Wars 2 Power Soulbeast PvE Builds: Powerful DPS & Highest Damage



Power Soulbeast is a specialization of the Ranger class that offers incredible offensive capabilities. You'll merge with your pet in beast mode, gaining additional attributes and access to 3 new Beast skills, allowing you to deal exceptional burst damage. This build's self-sufficiency stems from boon extension, making you a valuable asset to any team. You also have the flexibility to customize your build to provide various utilities to your team, ensuring your success in challenging content.


Pets Selection

While you have some flexibility in your choice of pets, it's crucial to select a ferocious pet for Power Soulbeast. Ferocious pets grant extra power and ferocity when you merge with them, significantly boosting your damage output. Here are some recommended pet choices:

  • Red Moa: Provides high damage output and access to Worldly Impact, a key skill in your damage rotation.
  • Rock Gazelle: Offers additional CC with skills like Kick and Charge, which helps break enemy Defiance bars.
  • Smoke Scale: Ideal for open-world content, this pet brings CC and Smoke Assault, a skill that applies knockdown and might gain.
  • Frost Wolf: If you need extra utility, consider a Frost Wolf for its chilling capabilities and group-wide utility.


Remember, your primary pet should be ferocious, and you can adapt your secondary pet to suit the situation or your preference.


Gear and Food

For Power Soulbeast, gearing is quite straightforward:

  • Armor and Trinkets: Opt for Berserker's gear, which maximizes your power and critical damage.
  • Runes: Use Rune of the Scholar to further boost your power and ferocity.
  • Weapons: The recommended weapon set includes Sword, Axe, and Hammer for the highest overall damage. Alternatively, you can use Axe in place of Sword for a slightly different playstyle.
  • Sigils: Equip Sigil of Force and Sigil of Impact to enhance your strike damage.



Select Relic of Fireworks as your relic. This relic grants a 7% bonus to strike damage for 6 seconds whenever you use a skill with a cooldown of 20 seconds or more. This bonus is also triggered by your Beast skills, making it a crucial part of your build.


Food and Utility

For food, go for the best power and ferocity options, such as Seaweed SaladBowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup. Additionally, use Superior Sharpening Stones to increase your damage output further.


Weapon Choices

Your default weapon choices are Sword, Axe, and Hammer. Here's a breakdown of the skills and their functionalities:

  • Sword: High sustained damage and mobility with skills like Sword 2 and Sword 3.
  • Axe: Provides slightly higher burst damage and bouncing projectiles, which is great for group encounters.
  • Hammer: Offers a balance between sustained and burst damage, and it's particularly versatile for breaking enemy Defiance bars.


You can choose the weapon set that suits your playstyle, with Sword, Axe, and Hammer being the recommended options.


Utility Skills

Your utility skills should complement your playstyle and the needs of your team. Here are some primary choices:

  • Heal Skill: We Heal As One - This skill not only heals you and your pet but also extends the duration of boons on you, making it crucial for maintaining your quickness and alacrity.
  • Frost Trap: A high-damage skill that chills enemies and deals spike damage. It also provides an ice combo field.
  • Signet of Stone (Elite Stance): Grants you extra damage and movement speed when you use it.
  • Signet of the Wild: Passive ferocity boost for both you and your pet.
  • One Wolf Pack: Adds an extra burst of damage by striking enemies again a second later when you hit them.


Consider your team's needs and adjust your utility skills accordingly. You can also use skills like Dolyak Stance for condition removal, Stone Spirit for group-wide protection, or Protect Me for group-wide stun breaks, depending on the situation.


Trait Choices

Your trait choices should maximize your damage output and utility. Here's a breakdown of the traits you should select:



  • Sharpened Edges: Inflicts bleeding on critical hits, adding extra damage over time.
  • Strider's Strength: Increases your power and provides bonus power when wielding a sword. Also, evading attacks grants might.
  • Vicious Quarry: Grants ferocity and critical strike chance when you have Fury. You'll also gain Fury when struck below 75% health.


Beast Mastery:

  • Resounding Timber: Commands apply additional boons, improving your overall damage output.
  • Natural Healing: Your pet periodically heals, providing increased survivability.
  • Pet's Prowess: Boosts your pet's ferocity and movement speed, and your axe skills have reduced cooldowns. You also gain additional ferocity when wielding an axe.



  • Live Fast: Grants Fury and Quickness when using a beast ability. Quickness also extends the duration of other boons affecting you.
  • Twice as Vicious: Provides a 10% damage increase for 10 seconds whenever you disable an enemy. This trait is vital for your damage rotation.
  • Oppressive Superiority: Increases your strike damage against foes with a lower health percentage than you.


Alternatively, you can choose Leader of the Pack for extra group support, increasing the duration of your Stance skills and granting their effects to nearby allies.



Your Power Soulbeast rotation aims to maximize your burst damage. The rotation follows a pattern of burst, waiting for cooldowns, burst, and so on. Here's a simplified rotation guide:



Skill Name Description
Frost Trap Place the trap to deal spike damage and chill your enemies.
One Wolf Pack Increases your damage output and synergy with your pet.
Signet of the Wild Provides extra damage and increases your mobility.
Sic 'Em Enhances your damage and mobility even further.
Syum Trigger this stance to start your burst rotation.
Hammer 3 (Natural Deduction) Start with a CC skill to trigger Twice as Vicious.
Worldly Impact (Unleashed Hammer 4) Your first burst skill for massive damage.
Hammer 4 (Unleashed Hammer 4) Continue the burst with your second Hammer 4.
Hammer 2 (Unleashed Hammer 2) Follow up with a damaging skill.
Weapon Swap (Sword/Axe) Switch to your other weapon set for more damage.
Sword 2 (Savage Leap) Leverage your Sword 2 for additional mobility and damage.
Axe 4 (Path of Scars) Use this skill to inflict high damage and further improve your burst.
Sword 3 (Crippling Talon) Apply damage and immobilize your enemy.
Axe 5 (Maul) Finish the burst with Axe 5 for a powerful strike.
Sword 2 (Savage Leap) End your rotation with your Sword 2 skill.


After your opener, maintain your high damage output by using your good skills while waiting for your cooldowns. As soon as Syum is off cooldown, repeat the burst rotation. Remember to trigger Twice as Vicious by using CC skills such as Axe 4 and Hammer 3.


Additional Notes

  • Make sure to time your skills during Syum for maximum damage output.
  • Keep the Relic of the Fireworks buff active by using skills with a 20-second or longer cooldown. This buff significantly boosts your strike damage.
  • Be aware of your cooldowns and use high-damage skills as soon as they become available.
  • Adapt your rotation and utility skills as needed for different situations and team compositions.


Build Links:!



In total, the Power Soulbeast build in Guild Wars 2 offers a straightforward and highly effective DPS option that can carry your team through challenging content while putting you at the top of the damage charts. It's durable, easy to gear, and provides valuable utility. So, pick up this build and enjoy your throne at the pinnacle of DPS charts in Guild Wars 2. Thank you for reading, and may your adventures in Tyria be filled with success and triumph.

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