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New World Season 3 Abys Gauntlet (Weapon Combine) PVP Builds Guide

With the New World expansion, Build has become incredibly enjoyable due to the new changes and the addition of artifacts. The combination of Great Axe and Ice Gauntlet offers a unique and powerful playstyle. This build excels in PvP, providing both survivability and the potential to unleash massive burst damage. Even when played in a light armor setup, this build offers excellent survivability, making it versatile for various armor weights. Now, let's dive into the gameplay and breakdown of the Abys Gauntlet build.



New World Season 3 Abys Gauntlet (Weapon Combine) PVP Builds Guide



The Ice Gauntlet's abilities provide crowd control and utility, allowing you to freeze your enemies in their tracks. Meanwhile, the Great Axe provides devastating damage and healing potential, creating a deadly synergy.

  • Versatility of Ice Gauntlet:  The Ice Gauntlet's ability to slow and immobilize opponents is crucial in this build. The Ice Storm ability is used to control the battlefield and apply pressure to enemies, making it difficult for them to advance or escape. The Ice Shower acts as a combo setter, enabling you to set up powerful heavy attacks and execute abilities.
  • The Great Axe's Burst Damage: The Great Axe serves as the primary source of damage in this build. With skills like Reap and Execute, you can deal tremendous burst damage to your foes. The utility provided by Charge allows for gap-closing and crowd control, making it easier to land your heavy attacks and execute abilities.
  • Survivability: Despite wearing light armor, the Abys Gauntlet build offers impressive survivability. Key to this is the In Tune ability from the Ice Gauntlet, which can clear damaging effects and conditions. You can also make use of the Refreshing perks from your armor to keep your health topped up.
  • Game-Changing Artifacts: Don't forget the importance of artifacts. The Tumbler Boots are a standout choice in this build, providing healing, fortify, and empower effects with no cooldown. They can be a game-changer, allowing you to sustain yourself in intense battles.


Build Details

The Abys Gauntlet build is a potent combination of the Great Axe and the Ice Gauntlet, designed to excel in PvP encounters. This build offers the following benefits:

  • High burst damage potential
  • Excellent crowd control and utility
  • Strong survivability
  • Versatile playstyle with options for different armor weights



  • Intelligence: 418
  • Focus: 25
  • Constitution: 155


The emphasis is on Intelligence to maximize your damage output. Focus helps with ability cooldown reduction, and Constitution provides the necessary survivability.


Great Axe

New World Abys Gauntlet build Great Axe Skill

  • Full Reaper tree with skills like "Charge," "Reap," and "Execute."
  • Focus on damage-increasing and life-stealing passives.
  • Consider the "Mending Execute" perk for a healing boost.


Ice Gauntlet

Abys Gauntlet build Ice Gauntlet Skill

  • Skills include "In Tune," "Ice Shower," and "Ice Storm."
  • Focus on utility abilities that slow, snare, and control the battlefield.
  • Consider adding "Unending Thaw" for additional damage and effects to "Ice Storm."


Armor and Jewelry

  • Aim for PvP gear with "Health Refreshing" and "Shing Heals" perks for excellent survivability.
  • Prioritize "Physical Aversion" perks for armor to resist damage types.
  • The "Tumbler Boots" artifact is a game-changing addition for healing and utility.
  • Jewelry includes "Champion's Amulet," "Band of Damon Dusk," and "Earring of Healthy Toast" for a balanced build.


Ultimate and Heart Rune

  • The "Stone Form" ultimate provides additional survivability and healing.
  • The "Deton" heart rune can be useful for trapping opponents.



Build resistances against fire, thrust, and void damage, as these are common sources of damage in the current meta.


Perks and Abilities:

  • Great Axe: Prioritize perks that increase damage and life steal, like Blood Lust. Consider Heavy Attack perks for more burst damage.
  • Ice Gauntlet: Focus on utility and crowd control perks. The blocking stamina passive is essential for survival. Consider Deadly Frost for damage and crowd control.


PvP Playstyle

  • Utilize Charge and Reap to initiate fights, draining your opponents' stamina.
  • Ice Shower and Ice Storm are your crowd control tools, setting up opportunities for burst damage.
  • Ice Gauntlet's INTUNE ability is useful for removing conditions and healing.
  • Execute is your finisher, and it also provides significant healing.
  • Engage in hit-and-run tactics, applying pressure on opponents, and escaping when necessary.



The Abys Gauntlet build excels in both small-scale duels and large-scale battles. Its flexibility lies in the combination of crowd control and burst damage. Here's a quick overview of how to effectively use this build:

  • Crowd Control: Utilize your Ice Gauntlet's Ice Shower and Ice Storm to control the battlefield. Ice Shower can lock down enemies, making them vulnerable to your Great Axe attacks.
  • Initiation: Start engagements with your Great Axe's Charge ability to close the gap between you and your target.
  • Burst Damage: Your primary burst damage combo consists of heavy attacks combined with Reap and Execute from the Great Axe. This combo can annihilate opponents quickly.
  • Sustain: Don't forget to leverage the healing capabilities of your Great Axe, especially Execute, to keep yourself alive in prolonged fights.
  • Utility: Ice Gauntlet's INM skill can help you escape from stuns and remove harmful conditions. Use it wisely to maintain control over the battle.
  • Survivability: Your PvP gear and resistances should make you a tough target to take down. Utilize the fortify and healing bonuses from your armor and jewelry to enhance your resilience.
  • Positioning: Position yourself strategically to capitalize on your Ice Gauntlet's crowd control abilities. Trap enemies in your Ice Shower to set up devastating heavy attacks and Executes.
  • Healing: Take advantage of the abundant healing sources in this build, such as Refreshing Shering Heels and the Tumblr Feet Wraps. Your self-sustain will keep you in the fight longer.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: The build's flexibility in armor and jewelry allows you to adjust your character to your preferred playstyle while maintaining the core mechanics of the Abys Gauntlet.



The Abys Gauntlet build is a formidable choice for PvP in New World. Its unique combination of the Ice Gauntlet's utility and the Great Axe's burst damage makes it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The flexibility to adapt to various armor weights and the addition of powerful artifacts make this build a top contender in the world of New World PvP.

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