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New World Mythril Ore Mining Guide: Top 5 Best Locations in 2023

Mythril Ore is a valuable New World resource crucial for crafting and progression, making it a sought-after commodity among players. To help you gather this valuable material efficiently, we've scoured the game's vast landscape and identified the top five Mythril Ore mining locations. These locations vary in terms of accessibility and competition, ensuring you can tailor your mining experience to your server's activity level and personal preferences. 



New World Mythril Ore Mining Guide: Top 5 Best Locations in 2023


Top 1. Brocéliande Cave

New World Brocéliande Cave Map

Location: This cave is situated in EdenGrove, close to the new town called Caliburn Town, to the west and slightly to the north.

Key Features: A concentration of Mythril Ore nodes within the cave. Multiple Mythril Ore nodes, usually located in clusters.

Notes: Brocéliande Cave is a highly productive spot for Mythril, but it can be busy due to its popularity. Expect competition and possibly PvP conflicts. The Mythril Ore nodes are densely packed, making it worthwhile to check both inside and near the entrance for nodes.


Top 2. Siren's Run

New World Siren's Run Map

Location: Teleport to Reekwater and head to Siren's Run.

Key Features: Contains both Mythril Ore and Orichalcum nodes. Several Mythril Ore nodes can be found along the route.

Notes: Siren's Run is a good spot for Mythril Ore but can be crowded during peak times. It also has Orichalcum nodes, which adds value to the location. Check for nodes around the area and don't forget to explore the nearby cliffs for additional nodes.


Top 3. Brimstone Sands

New World Shrine of the Nine Map

Location: Brimstone is known for its dispersed Mythril Ore nodes. The Shrine of the Nine is a good starting point.

Key Features: Spread-out Mythril Ore nodes. Lower player density in comparison to other locations.

Notes: Brimstone offers a quieter farming experience with Mythril Ore nodes scattered across the region. Start your route from the Shrine of the Nine and progress towards the Imperium Forge. Keep an eye out for both Mythril Ore and Orichalcum nodes in this area.


Top 4. Cutlass Keys

New World Stone Skull Shrine Map

Location: The cave near Stone Skull Shrine in Cutlass Keys.

Key Features: Abundant Mythril Ore nodes. High player activity due to resource richness.

Notes: The cave near Stone Skull Shrine is a highly contested area due to its resource abundance, especially Mythril Ore. Expect strong competition and be prepared for PvP encounters. If you manage to access it during quieter times, it's a goldmine for Mythril.


Top 5. Eden Grove Loop

New World Eden Grove Map

Location: This route takes you around the central circle of Eden Grove.

Key Features: Mythril Ore nodes are spread across five points. Nodes are usually found in clusters of three.

Notes: Eden Grove Loop offers an efficient way to gather Mythril Ore without too much competition. The nodes here are distributed across the route, and even if there are other players present, you'll likely find some nodes available. Keep in mind the unpredictable respawn times.


Bonus Locations

If the main spots are heavily contested, consider exploring these less crowded alternatives:

  • Morningdale Northeast: In the northeast of Morningdale, you can find Mythril Ore nodes along the cliffs. It's a relatively quieter area.
  • Cutlass Keys Northern Region: Some players farm Mythril Ore in the northern regions of Cutlass Keys, where you may find both Mythril and Rumwood.



Thank you for reading our guide on Mithril Ore farming in New World! Always be cautious, as the availability of resources can change depending on server activity and time of day. Experiment with these locations to determine the best Mythril Ore farming spots for your specific playtime and server conditions. Happy mining, and may your Mythril Ore reserves grow rapidly in New World!

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