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Which Artifacts and Perks Are Optimal for Flail Builder in New World?

In New World Season 3, there's a lot of debate about whether Odo and Michael are worth farming for. These two artifacts can have a significant impact on your gameplay, especially when it comes to building your character with the BiS flail perks. In this guide, we'll dive into the details of Odo and Michael, explore potential alternatives, and outline the most powerful flail perks available.



Which Artifacts and Perks Are Optimal for Flail Builder in New World?


Odo Artifact: Is it worth farming?

OdoNew World Odo Icon is one of the artifacts in New World that many players have questions about. Let's take a closer look at the perks it offers.

Perk Description Suitability for Flail Users
Magnify (AoE Perk) Enhances area of effect damage, somewhat useful in certain situations. Reasonable
AO's Punishment Provides 20% damage bonus to stun foes, but flail lacks stun capabilities. Not effective for flail-focused builds. Not Suitable
Auto's Defense Initially offered healing on block for 5% of your base Health, but nerfed to a 3-second cooldown with only 5% Health. Underwhelming
Life Stealing Grants life-stealing ability, more beneficial for high-damage weapons, not a priority for flail users. Not a Priority
Refreshing Move Valuable perk, but there are other ways to access it. May not be the definitive reason to choose Odo. Valuable, but alternatives exist


New World Odo Artifact Perk Data


Michael Artifact: Is it worth farming?

MichaelNew World Michael Icon, on the other hand, offers some more appealing options for flail builder. It is a kite shield and can be a great addition to your build if you use a kite shield in combination with your flail.

Perk Name Description Usefulness
Refreshing Cleanse Reduces cooldowns by 5% on all kite shields and allows you to remove one debuff when you block. Situational; usefulness varies depending on debuffs and shield usage.
Counterattack Provides a 30% power boost for 4 seconds when you successfully block an attack. Strong perk, especially for flail users. Pairs well with flail's playstyle.
Life Stealing Offers Life Stealing, which is decent but not a standout feature for a flail user. Useful for survivability but not a unique or exceptional perk for flail users.
Additional Slot Michael has an extra perk slot, but it comes with a gem restriction. Provides customization options but with limitations due to gem restrictions.


New World Michael Artifact Data

If you're purely focused on PvE tanking and don't need the Stagger effect on your New World Arcane Smite Perk IconArcane Smite or New World Burning Smite Perk IconBurning Smite, Michael could be a great choice. However, if you want the Stagger effect and are using a kite shield, there are better options to consider.


Better Alternatives for Flail Perks

When it comes to building a strong flail character, you have better alternatives than Odo and Michael. Two top choices for your kite shield are Immutable Resolve and the TA Kite Shield.

  • Immutable Resolve: This kite shield is a top-tier option for flail users. It features three exceptional perks:
  • Shield Aggression (4.5 base damage): This perk offers increased damage on your shield, which can help make up for the flail's lack of damage.
  • Thrust Shield Ward: This perk provides mitigation against thrust attacks.
  • Slash Shield Ward: Similar to Thrust Shield Ward, this perk mitigates slash attacks.
  • Sturdy: This perk enhances your shield's durability.


Immutable Resolve is highly sought after, thanks to its incredible drop rate. It boosts your survivability and damage, making it a great choice for flail users.

  • TA Kite Shield: If you haven't acquired Immutable Resolve yet, the TA Kite Shield is a viable alternative. It offers two powerful perks that complement the flail's playstyle:
  • Refreshing Defense: This perk can be a great addition to your build, reducing the need for Refreshing Move on your weapon.
  • Counterattack: Similar to Michael's Counterattack, this perk is excellent for flail users. It helps you deal more damage and enhances your combat efficiency.


Best Flail Perks

Now that you have a suitable kite shield, let's discuss the best flail perks to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

Perk/Gem Effect Usage
Burdening Smite 35% Cooldown Increase Essential for PvP, disrupts enemy abilities
Plagued Strikes 26% Healing Reduction for 8 Seconds Crucial for crippling opponents
Toxic Three 16% Rend for 7 Seconds Adds damage and weakens defenses
Playful Crits Additional damage below 50% health Good alternative to top-tier perks
Jasper Gem Extra Empower when taking damage Useful in situations when under attack
Opal Gem Consistent damage increase Generally valued higher for DPS



In New World, Odo and Michael may not be the best options for flail users due to their underwhelming perks. When choosing a kite shield, consider Immutable Resolve or the TA Kite Shield for better results. Additionally, prioritize the Burdening Smite, Plagued Strikes, and Toxic Three perks to maximize your flail's effectiveness in combat. Customizing your character with the right perks and equipment is crucial for success in New World. So, make informed choices, experiment with different builds, and have fun on your journey through Aeternum!

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