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New World Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Changes Coming Soon

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! The winds of change are blowing through Aeternum, and it's time to unravel the mysteries surrounding upcoming plans in New World. From weapon tweaks to artifact perks, and the grand vision for the game's future, we've got a treasure trove of information to share. So, grab your gear, and let's set sail!


New World Artifact Drop Rate & Perk Changes Coming Soon


Artifact Anomalies and Weapon Wonders

First on our radar are those elusive artifacts with quirky perks. Ever stumbled upon Hades' Fury, the void gauntlet with a locked combo of Keen and putrifying scream? Fear not, intrepid wanderers, for this little hiccup will be fixed and even upgradable with the season four update. Keep an eye out for other intriguing artifacts making waves.


In the realm of perks, questions surfaced about PVE fails and the intentional exclusion of perks like Burdening Smite. A whisper from the developers confirmed that Burdening Smite's absence from PVE falls aligns with its PVP-exclusive nature. Meanwhile, concerns about the not-so-jolly feeling of Critical Retribution dropping in PVE didn't fall on deaf ears. The devs are keen on making things right, ensuring perks align with player expectations.


Artifact Trading Troubles and Bounty of Bonuses

Ever snagged a shiny Bind-on-Equip item only to realize you couldn't trade it right away? Fear not, fellow traders; the frequency of these items dropping has been adjusted. While Chef shirts are set to always be Bind-on-Equip, plans for other items are in the works, promising a smoother trading experience.


And what about those solo trials? The love for solo trials still burns bright, and the promise of more PVE content is on the horizon. Brace yourselves for challenges that will test your mettle.


PVP and PVE Rewards

The eternal debate between PVP and PVE rewards continues. A resounding "no" echoes through Aeternum as plans to change the source of rewards on the PVP track for PVE players are dismissed. The focus is on enhancing PVP track rewards, ensuring PVP-focused players revel in armor, weapons, and cosmetics. It's a delicate dance between the thrill of battle and the spoils it brings.


Artifact Drop Rate Drama and Bad Luck Protection

The drama around artifact drop rates has seen a twist. While bad luck protection for artifacts was delayed from Season 4, the drop rate has been given a 20% boost, offering a glimmer of hope to those at the mercy of RNG. Bad luck protection still rests on the horizon, with promises of more information in a future season. A small step for RNG, a giant leap for artifact collectors!


Territory Turmoil

As the territories vie for dominance, a tweak in the schedule brings a three-day cycle for territories, making it harder for companies to hold more than three. The balancing act between allowing companies to own all of Aeternum and introducing new players to the territory game continues. The delicate dance of power and accessibility unfolds.


Future Weapon Wonders and Healing Arts

Weapon overhauls are on the horizon, with a promise to revisit and refresh older weapons, focusing on playability and quality of life. The life staff artifact might seem a bit peculiar, but fear not; it's designed to redefine play styles, with future artifacts aiming to do the same.


Group Finder and DPS Meters

The future holds improvements to the group finder system, ensuring that queuing with a full group won't be a drawback. Additionally, the possibility of a DPS meter is on the horizon, though there are no immediate plans. If it does materialize, it will likely be an opt-in feature, respecting the privacy of those who prefer to keep their stats to themselves.


As we chart the course into the unknown, the promise of more information on reworks, changes, and the grand vision for New World hangs in the air. Stay tuned, brave adventurers, for the journey has just begun. As the seas of Aeternum beckon, may your drops be legendary, your perks be plentiful, and your adventures be everlasting!

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