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12 Super Handy Tips To New Player in Guild Wars 2

Hello, Guild Wars 2 rookies! Just stepped into the enchanting realm of Tyria, huh? It can feel like you're trying to drink from a waterfall – there's a ton to take in! But fear not, we've rounded up 12 super handy tips to help you find your feet in the early days of your Guild Wars 2 adventure. These aren't in any order of importance – just the gems we've unearthed in my own travels through this epic game.



12 Super Handy Tips To New Player in Guild Wars 2


Race Picking

When you're creating your character, remember that your race is more about style than power. Each race does have unique skills, but they're often overshadowed by gw2 class abilities. So, pick the one that you vibe with the most!


Class Test Drives

Can't decide on a class? No problemo! You can test them out using a Max Level Boost from expansions or hop into the PvP Lobby, the Heart of the Mists, right after the starter mission. There, you'll be boosted to max level with all the fancy elite specializations unlocked for a real test run.


Inventory Juggling

Guild Wars 2 will shower you with loot, so managing your bag space is crucial. Go for bigger bags (18 slots or more) to save yourself from inventory headaches. Pro tip: Salvage unneeded gear for crafting materials. And keep an eye on the Trading Post – you might be sitting on a gold mine!


Gear Up, But Don't Stress

Gear in Guild Wars 2 isn't the be-all and end-all. Exotic gear is easy to get and it's not too far behind the fancier Ascended or Legendary gear in stats. It'll serve you well for most content.


Story Time... Or Not

The story in Guild Wars 2 is cool, but it's just one slice of the pie. You can totally dive into it for a full experience or skip it to jump straight into endgame shenanigans like chasing Legendaries or World vs. World battles once you hit max level.


World vs. World Shortcut

For World vs. World fans, check out the Obsidian Sanctum. It's got all the city hub essentials for quick inventory or vendor visits without leaving the WvW area.


The Bag Mule Tactic

If your bags are always bursting, create a 'bag mule' character just for storage. Equip them with bags and let them hold onto your extra stuff. It's a budget-friendly storage solution.


Alt Parking for Easy Gold

Park your alts in juicy zones with good daily rewards, like jumping puzzles or resource-rich areas. It's a chill way to rack up some gold over time.


Speedy Leveling

Want to level up fast? Join a high-level guild and use their XP booster flask. Combine that with some basic food buffs for extra XP from kills. Focus on knocking out the Character Adventure guide for a smooth leveling curve.


To Craft or Not to Craft

Crafting is a mixed bag in Guild Wars 2. Early on, it's not a big deal for gearing up, but later it's key for creating top-tier gear. Plus, high-level crafting can be a nice little earner on the Trading Post.


Forget the Holy Trinity

Guild Wars 2 mixes up the classic MMO roles. There's no strict 'tank,' 'healer,' and 'DPS' setup. Roles are more flexible, blending DPS and support in different ways. Pick a class based on the playstyle you like, not by traditional MMO roles.


Dive Into Resources

Do your homework! There's a ton of info out there for Guild Wars 2 players. Check out the official Wiki, Snow Crows for endgame PvE builds, and other community resources. They'll deepen your understanding and ramp up your fun.


And that's a wrap – 12 tips to get your Guild Wars 2 journey off to a flying start. Remember, it's all about the journey, so take your time, try different things, and above all, enjoy the ride! And hey, if you're craving more, we've got in-depth guides on all nine classes. Keep those gaming fingers nimble, and we'll see you in Tyria!

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