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Guild Wars 2 All Classes Complete Guide For New Players

Newbie! Before you step into the boots of a hero, you've got a big decision to make: picking a class. But which class is the perfect fit for you? Fear not! We are here to guide you through this array of heroic possibilities. Exploring Guild Wars 2 all classes mechanics, traits, weapons, utility skills, playstyles, levelling strategies, gear choices, and a brief look at each class's Elite specializations.


Guild Wars 2 All Classes Complete Guide For New Players



Imagine you're a Warrior in the heat of battle, your adrenaline bar filling up like a soda can being shaken by a hyperactive child. This bar is your best friend – it fuels your Burst attacks, those supercharged moves that make your enemies wish they'd chosen a different profession.


Warriors are like the Swiss Army knives of weapon mastery. Swapping weapons isn't just cool, it's strategic. Got a full adrenaline bar? Swap weapons and instantly unleash a burst skill on your unsuspecting foes.


Guild Wars 2 Warrior Class


Trait Lines:

  • Strength: For those who believe in brute force and want to hit like a runaway train.
  • Arms: Critical hits and condition damage? Yes, please!
  • Defense: It's not just about hitting hard, but also laughing off enemy attacks.
  • Tactics: Be a team player with healing shouts and regen skills.
  • Discipline: Faster weapon swapping and more adrenaline? Sign me up!



Warriors have more weapons than a medieval armory. From the iconic Greatsword to the nimble Dagger, each weapon brings its unique flavor to the battlefield.

  • Burst Skills: Your Moment of Glory
  • Greatsword: Arcing Slice - like a whirlwind of pain for your foes.
  • Hammer: Earth Shaker - because who doesn't like stunning everyone in sight?
  • Longbow: Combustive Shot - set the world on fire, literally.
  • Rifle: Killshot - one shot, one less problem.
  • Axe, Mace, Sword: Each brings its unique burst skill, from eviscerating foes to dazing them silly.


Utility Skills: 

Banners, physical skills, shouts, signets, and stances – each offers unique benefits. Need a boost for your team? Drop a banner. Want to shout your enemies into submission? You've got it.


Elite Specializations: 

  • Berserker: A walking, talking natural disaster. Unleash primal bursts and wield the torch like a pyromaniac.
  • Spellbreaker: The bane of magic users. Full Counter and dual daggers make you a magical wrecking ball.
  • Bladesworn: Swap adrenaline for flow, and trade weapon swapping for gunsaber antics. Dragon Slash? More like dragon obliterate.


Leveling Tips: 

  • Mix and match weapons for synergy. Greatsword into dual axes? A recipe for devastation.
  • Don't hoard your burst skills. Use 'em, swap weapons, repeat.
  • Signet skills are your leveling buddies – passive benefits without the hassle.
  • Gear up with Berserker's or Assassin's gear to maximize your punch.


Whether you're a frontline hero or a strategic support, the Warrior class in Guild Wars 2 offers an exhilarating and versatile playstyle. Embrace the chaos of battle, manage your adrenaline wisely, and remember – in the world of Tyria, the Warrior is always king (or queen) of the hill.



Guardians are all about their virtues: Justice, Courage, and Resolve. Think of these as your personal superpowers that get better the more you believe in the good fight.

  • Justice: Burns enemies, because sometimes, you just gotta light up the bad guys.
  • Courage: Gives you Aegis – basically, your "Nope, not today" shield against attacks.
  • Resolve: Heals you, because even heroes need a health boost.
  • Each virtue can be supercharged with specific trait lines, but they're pretty awesome on their own.


Guild Wars 2 Guardian Class


Trait Lines:

  • Zeal: Love doing more damage? Zeal's your jam.
  • Radiance: All about that burning Justice and critical fun.
  • Valor: For those who like blocking attacks like a boss.
  • Honor: Healing, dodging, and protection – it's like being wrapped in a warm, invincible blanket.
  • Virtues: Supercharge your virtues because who doesn't want stronger superpowers?



Guardians have a cool arsenal that does everything from smacking down foes to healing friends.

  • Greatsword: Crowd control with a side of healing.
  • Hammer: For when you need to be a defensive powerhouse.
  • Staff: The support stick – heals and boosts speed.
  • Scepter: Mid-range magic missile launcher.
  • Sword, Mace, Focus, Shield, Torch: Each with its own unique Guardian-flavored twist.


Elite Specializations:

  • Dragon Hunter: Longbow-wielding, trap-setting, Justice-dealing dynamo.
  • Firebrand: A bookish brawler with tomes for days and mantras that matter.
  • Willbender: Fast, furious, and with a sword in hand, this one's a melee marvel.


Utility Skills: 

Guardians get to play with:

  • Consecrations: Ground-based party favors.
  • Meditations: Quick fix-it skills for healing and damage.
  • Shouts: Yelling that actually helps people.
  • Signets: Passive perks and active awesomeness.
  • Spirit Weapons: Summon ethereal weapons because, well, it looks cool.


Leveling Tips: 

  • Block and Dodge: Your best friends. Learn when to use them.
  • Love Your Symbols: These ground effects are Guardian gold.
  • Play Well with Others: Guardians shine brightest in a group.


Gear Choices: 

  • Offensive: Go Berserker or Grieving for that sweet, sweet damage.
  • Defensive/Supportive: Harrier's gear is like wearing a big "I got you, fam" sign.
  • Balanced: Can't decide? Celestial gear is your all-you-can-eat buffet.


Whether you're smiting foes with holy fire, shielding allies with your virtues, or diving into the fray with righteous zeal, the Guardian class offers a versatile and engaging playstyle. Remember, being a Guardian is about more than just swinging a weapon – it's about being the shield in the darkness and the light in the battle.



The Revenant is like a mystical battery, powered by energy and channeling legendary heroes from the Mists. This energy bar fuels your skills, but watch out – some skills are a bit greedy and have upkeep costs that can drain your energy faster than a leaky faucet.


Guild Wars 2 Revenant Class



You've got four legends to play with: Assassin, Dwarf, Centaur, and Demon. Each has a unique skill set, so no mix-and-match here. It's like having predefined skill playlists for every occasion!

  • Assassin Stance: Fast, shadow-steppy, and great at crowd control.
  • Dwarf Stance: The tank of the group – sturdy and resilient.
  • Demon Stance: Malicious, condition-damage heavy, and a bit of a downer for foes.
  • Centaur Stance: The healer of the bunch, with a dash of crowd control.


Trait Lines:

  • Corruption: Best buddies with the Demon stance. Think torment and resistance.
  • Retribution: Dwarf stance's BFF. Reduces damage and boosts your dodging game.
  • Salvation: Centaur stance's soulmate. Healing and supportive skills galore.
  • Devastation: Pals with the Assassin stance. Damage, damage, and more damage.
  • Invocation: The DJ of legend swapping. Makes switching legends even cooler.



  • Hammer: A ranged weapon that feels like a melee. Unique, right?
  • Staff: Close-range healing and support, with a side of crowd control.
  • Mace & Sword: One for conditions, the other for slicing and dicing.
  • Axe & Sword (offhand): For when you need to cripple or deal extra damage.
  • Scepter: Coming soon to a Revenant near you!


Elite Specializations:

  • Herald (Heart of Thorns): Channels the legendary dragon Glint. Shields up and facets ready!
  • Renegade (Path of Fire): Kalla Scorchrazor's your new BFF. Shortbow for days and support skills that rock.
  • Vindicator (End of Dragons): A tag-team of legendary leaders, with a greatsword that means business.



The Revenant is all about being quick and overwhelming your enemies. Think of yourself as a Mist ninja. You've got crowd control, damage, and the ability to switch between legends and weapons for a dynamic combat experience.


Leveling Tips: 

  • Energy Management: It's like budgeting, but for combat. Spend wisely!
  • Legend Swapping: Don't get too comfy in one stance. Variety is the spice of life (and battle).
  • Gear Choices: Match your gear to your playstyle. Going for damage? Berserker's or Marauder's. Condition damage? Viper's it is!


Playing a Revenant is like being a conductor of a mystical symphony, balancing energy, legends, and weapons to create a harmonious (and deadly) performance. Whether you’re teleporting around with the Assassin stance or standing tall with the Dwarf, the Revenant offers a unique and engaging playstyle.



As a Ranger, your pet is more than just a cute sidekick; it's your battle buddy. You can tame a variety of animals across Tyria, each with its unique abilities. While you can have many pets, you can only bring two to the dance – one active and one in your pocket (don't ask how that works).


Guild Wars 2 Ranger Class


Pet Mechanics: 

  • Pets have their own skills: one automatic, one on command.
  • You can set your pet to be aggressive or chill.
  • Downed pet? Swap it out, but the wait time to bring it back is longer.


Trait Lines: 

  • Marksmanship: Longbow lovers, this is for you.
  • Skirmishing: Critical hits and speedy weapon swaps.
  • Wilderness Survival: Stay alive with condition removal and protection.
  • Nature Magic: For the healers and regenerators.
  • Beast Mastery: Boost your pet and greatsword skills.



  • Greatsword: Close-quarters combat with some nifty defenses.
  • Longbow: For when you want to rain arrows from afar.
  • Short Bow: Quick, agile, and condition-heavy.
  • Staff: Healing and crowd control from a distance.
  • Hammer: Smash enemies with style.
  • Axe & Sword: For a mix of might and mobility.
  • Dagger: Fast and furious with conditions.


Elite Specializations:

  • Druid (Heart of Thorns): Turn into a celestial being and heal your friends (or annoy your enemies).
  • Soulbeast (Path of Fire): Merge with your pet for extra power and cool skills.
  • Untamed (End of Dragons): Channel raw nature power and wield a hammer like a boss.



As a Ranger, you're like a Swiss Army knife – adaptable, resourceful, and ready for anything. Whether you're sniping from a distance or diving into melee, your pet is your reliable partner in crime (or justice).


Leveling Tips: 

  • Pet Control: Mastering pet commands is crucial. It's like having a really obedient dragon (or whatever pet you prefer).
  • Beast Mastery: A great starting point for leveling up. Your pet becomes a tank and a damage dealer.
  • Pet Collection: Keep an eye out for juvenile pets to expand your collection. It's like Pokémon, but with more biting.


Gear Choices: 

  • Offensive: Go Berserker for damage or Viper for conditions.
  • Balanced: Can't decide? Celestial gear is like the buffet of stats.
  • Defensive: Toughness helps if you like to get up close and personal.


Whether you're a bow-wielding sniper, a greatsword-swinging warrior, or a nature-conjuring druid, the Ranger class offers a diverse and engaging playstyle. With your loyal pet by your side, there’s no challenge in Tyria too big to tackle.



The Thief main gig is the "Steal" ability. It's like a magic trick: you shadow step to your target and nab a unique item from them. This stolen item transforms into a special skill, offering a one-time surprise, like a spinning attack from a Warrior or a gloopy gunk toss from an Engineer.


Guild Wars 2 Thief Class



Initiative is your resource for unleashing weapon abilities. It regenerates slowly, so if you burn through it like a kid in a candy store, you'll be left with just your basic attack. Think of it as your tactical mana.


Trait Lines: 

  • Deadly Arts: Dagger and poison buffs, perfect for the sneaky stabber.
  • Critical Strikes: For those who love seeing big damage numbers.
  • Shadow Arts: Boosts stealth and makes you even sneakier.
  • Acrobatics: Enhances dodging and mobility – think parkour but with swords.
  • Trickery: Improves "Steal" and keeps that Initiative flowing.



  • Short Bow: Ranged damage and conditions, with a teleporting arrow for quick escapes.
  • Sword & Dagger: A blend of high damage and stealthy maneuvers.
  • Pistol: For a more bang-bang approach to thievery.
  • Staff (Daredevil), Rifle (Deadeye), Scepter (Spectre): Elite spec goodies for when you want to mix things up.


Stealth Attacks & Dual Attacks: 

  • Each mainhand weapon offers a unique stealth attack – think backstabs and blinding strikes.
  • Pair mainhand and offhand weapons for flashy dual attacks like Flanking Strike or Pistol Whip.


Elite Specializations: 

  • Daredevil (Heart of Thorns): Staff-wielding, extra dodgy, acrobatic wonder.
  • Deadeye (Path of Fire): The long-range sniper with a love for rifles and marking targets.
  • Spectre (End of Dragons): A shadowy figure dealing conditions and supporting allies.



As a Thief, you're not built for face-to-face slugfests. Instead, you're all about hit-and-run tactics, using stealth and mobility to confuse and outmaneuver enemies. You're like a ninja in a medieval fantasy – quick, lethal, and often unseen.


Leveling Tips: 

  • Double Pistols: Great for beginners – keep your distance and unload.
  • Manage Your Initiative: Don't blow all your cool moves at once. Pace yourself.
  • Steal Wisely: Remember, 'Steal' teleports you, which can be both an entrance and an escape.


Gear Choices:

  • Condition Damage: Viper's gear for a venomous touch.
  • Power Builds: Berserker stats for that direct damage.
  • Balanced Approach: Celestial gear for a bit of everything.


Playing a Thief in Guild Wars 2 is all about agility, cunning, and picking the right moment to strike. Whether you're vanishing into thin air, landing critical hits, or sniping from a safe distance, you're a force to be reckoned with – as long as you remember that discretion is often the better part of valor.



Engineers have a nifty profession mechanic called the Tool Belt. It's like having an extra set of skills that change depending on your utility choices. Swap out a utility skill, and voila, a new tool belt skill appears. It's like magic, but with more gears and sprockets.


Guild Wars 2 Engineer Class


Trait Lines:

  • Explosives: For when you want to make things go boom in style.
  • Firearms: Enhance your weapon skills and spread conditions like confetti.
  • Inventions: When staying alive is as important as blowing things up.
  • Alchemy: Mix up potions for defense and condition cleansing.
  • Tools: Supercharge your tool belt for maximum gadgetry fun.



  • Rifle: For when you want to keep enemies at bay with high damage.
  • Pistols (Mainhand and Offhand): Spread conditions and set the world ablaze.
  • Shield: Block attacks and reflect damage because defense can be fun too.


Engineering Kits:

These are like having a whole new set of weapons. Grenade Kit, Flamethrower Kit, Bomb Kit – the list goes on. Each kit transforms your weapon skills, giving you a vast array of explosive options.


Elite Specializations:

  • Scrapper (Heart of Thorns): Hammer time with a side of automated revival and lightning fields.
  • Holosmith (Path of Fire): Turn into a light-bending, heat-generating powerhouse.
  • Mechanist (End of Dragons): Deploy a personal Mech for added firepower and customizable skills.



Engineers are like the orchestra conductors of the battlefield, seamlessly switching between tools, turrets, and kits. Whether it's raining grenades from afar or setting the ground ablaze with a flamethrower, you're a one-person army.


Leveling Tips: 

  • Turrets are Your Friends: They tank, they distract, they do damage. What's not to love?
  • Kit Swapping: No cooldowns here. Mix and match to your heart's content.
  • Tool Belt Skills: Don't sleep on these. They're unique and can turn the tide of any battle.


Gear Choices: 

  • Power Builds: Go Berserker for that raw damage.
  • Condition Builds: Viper's gear for spreading those nasty conditions.
  • Balanced Approach: Celestial gear is always a safe bet for well-rounded stats.


From laying down turrets to juggling various kits, playing an Engineer in Guild Wars 2 is about being prepared for anything. Whether you're in the thick of the fight or supporting from the sidelines, your versatility and ingenuity are what make you an invaluable asset on any battlefield.



Every Necromancer has a trick up their sleeve: the Death Shroud. This nifty ability lets you slip into a shadowy form with a unique set of skills and a separate health bar. It's like having a protective bubble when things get dicey. The more life force you gather from fallen foes, the longer you can lurk in your Shroud, dealing damage and soaking up hits.


Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Class


Traits Lines:

  • Spite: For when you want to hit hard and fast.
  • Curses: A connoisseur of conditions? This one's for you.
  • Death Magic: Toughen up and boost your minions.
  • Blood Magic: Siphon health and save allies in a pinch.
  • Soul Reaping: Supercharge your Shroud and spread terror.



  • Staff: Long-range, condition-heavy, perfect for crowd control.
  • Scepter & Axe: Mid-range mischief makers, one for conditions, one for direct damage.
  • Dagger: Up close and personal, great for draining health.
  • Focus & Warhorn: Supportive offhands, because even dark lords need a helping hand.



Necromancers can summon a variety of minions, from bone fiends to shambling horrors. Each minion has its own attack style and special ability. It's like having a creepy-crawly entourage.


Elite Specializations: 

  • Reaper (Heart of Thorns): Grab a greatsword and turn into a melee monster with a chilling twist.
  • Scourge (Path of Fire): Ditch the Shroud for Shades that torment foes and shield friends.
  • Harbinger (End of Dragons): Elixirs and pistols, with a risky playstyle that rewards the daring.



As a Necromancer, you're all about managing your life force, spreading conditions, and commanding your minion army. Whether you’re raining down curses from afar or wading into the fray, your dark powers make you a force to be reckoned with.


Leveling Strategies: 

  • Minion Mastery: Start by building your undead entourage. They tank, you wreak havoc.
  • Soul Reaping First: Boost your Shroud early on for extra oomph in battles.
  • Distance is Your Friend: Especially if you’re new, stick to longer-range weapons like the staff or scepter.


Gear Choices:

  • Condition Damage: Viper's gear for that slow, agonizing demise of your enemies.
  • Power Builds: Berserker for when you want to hit like a sledgehammer.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Celestial gear, because why choose when you can have it all?


Playing a Necromancer in Guild Wars 2 is about embracing the dark arts, controlling the battlefield with your minions and conditions, and knowing when to dive into your Death Shroud for that extra layer of protection. It's a playstyle that rewards strategic thinking and a flair for the dramatic.



The Elementalist bread and butter are the four attunements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each attunement offers a unique set of skills, transforming your playstyle with the flick of a switch.

  • Fire: Your go-to for burning and burst damage.
  • Water: Healing, cleansing, and a bit of chill.
  • Air: Fast strikes, vulnerability, and a side of crowd control.
  • Earth: Tanky with bleeds, cripples, and protective auras.


Learning to fluidly switch between these attunements is key. Don't ignore any attunement; each has its time and place in battle.


Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Class


Trait Lines:

  • Each trait line enhances a specific attunement. Fire boosts your fiery ferocity, while Water aids your healing prowess, and so on.
  • Arcane isn't tied to any one attunement but buffs your attunement swapping.
  • Aim for cohesive trait combinations that complement your playstyle and weapon choice.



  • Staff: For when you want to wreak havoc from a safe distance.
  • Scepter & Dagger: Mid-range versatility with a mix of damage and control.
  • Focus: Adds defensive and supportive flair to your elemental escapades.
  • Upcoming Addition: Dual Swords for a more aggressive, close-range approach.


Playstyle Tips:

  • Practice makes perfect. Get comfortable with each attunement's skill set and learn to anticipate which attunement you'll need next.
  • Remember, you can't weapon swap in combat, so your attunement management is crucial.
  • Balance offense and defense. The Elementalist can hit hard but isn't the tankiest class around.


Elite Specializations: 

  • Tempest (Heart of Thorns): Overload your attunements for powerful area effects, perfect for support and control.
  • Weaver (Path of Fire): Mix and match elements for intricate and potent skill combinations.
  • Catalyst (End of Dragons): Utilize the Jade Sphere and a hefty hammer to control the battlefield with augmented elemental powers.


Gearing Choices: 

  • Condition Builds: Viper's gear is your friend. Spread those conditions like wildfire.
  • Power Builds: Berserker gear for when you need to pack a punch.
  • Balanced Approach: Celestial gear for a bit of everything - damage, defense, and utility.


Utility Skills: 

  • Signets: Great for passive boosts and powerful active effects.
  • Glyphs: Versatile skills that change based on your current attunement.
  • Cantrips: Defensive skills for those "oh no" moments.


Mastering the Elementalist is about embracing the chaos of the elements, adapting to the flow of battle, and striking a balance between unleashing elemental fury and conserving your strength for the right moment. It's a challenging but rewarding path, filled with fiery explosions, healing rains, crackling lightning, and earthen shields.



Mesmers create illusions (clones and phantasms) and then shatter them for various effects:

  • Mind Wrack: Deals direct damage.
  • Cry of Frustration: Inflicts condition damage.
  • Diversion: Dazes and interrupts enemies.
  • Distortion: Grants brief invulnerability.


Each shatter skill's effect is amplified by the number of illusions shattered. Managing these illusions is key to your Mesmer playstyle.


Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Class


Trait Lines:

  • Domination: Perfect for interrupting foes and stacking vulnerability.
  • Dueling: Enhances dodging and critical hits.
  • Chaos: Defensive, granting regeneration and random boons.
  • Inspiration: Focused on supporting allies and granting protective boons.
  • Illusions: Boosts your shatter abilities for maximum impact.



  • Greatsword: Surprisingly a long-range weapon, dishing out AoE damage and control.
  • Staff: More defensive, good for escaping and spreading conditions.
  • Scepter & Sword: The scepter for medium-range condition play, the sword for deceptive melee combat.
  • Off-hand Focus, Pistol, Sword, and Torch: Each adds unique effects like speed boosts, crowd control, and burning.



  • Be strategic with your shatters. Timing is everything.
  • Utilize your clones for distraction and your phantasms for damage.
  • Remember, you have great escape tools and stealth, so use them wisely.


Elite Specializations: 

  • Chronomancer (Heart of Thorns): Manipulates time, adds wells for area effects, and a shield for defense.
  • Mirage (Path of Fire): Focuses on elusive fighting, adds ambush attacks and the axe for quick, condition-heavy strikes.
  • Virtuoso (End of Dragons): Ditches traditional clones for flying blades, offering a more direct and ranged attack style.


Gear Choices: 

  • Condition Damage Builds: Viper's gear for spreading those pesky conditions.
  • Power Builds: Berserker's gear if you're going down the direct damage route.
  • Balanced Builds: Celestial gear for a mix of damage and durability.


Utility Skills:

  • Signets: Provide passive benefits and powerful active effects.
  • Illusions: Summon additional clones and phantasms.
  • Glamour: Area-of-effect skills for control and support.
  • Manipulation: Defensive skills to reposition and protect.
  • Mantras: Multi-charge skills with powerful final effects.


The key to being a successful Mesmer lies in mastering the art of illusion, deception, and timely shatters. Whether you’re confounding your foes with clones, supporting allies with timely distortions, or dishing out damage with phantasms, the Mesmer offers a playstyle full of trickery and finesse.

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