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3 Best New Builds For PvE & PvP in New World Season 3, 2023

What's up, gamers? Today we've unveiled the top three jaw-dropping builds for New World Season 3 in 2023. Get ready to tweak your gameplay with the freshest meta, covering everything from attributes to weapon masteries and those juicy gear perks. Let's dive in and revolutionize your playstyle!


3 Best New Builds For PvE & PvP in New World Season 3, 2023


Build #1: The Great Axe & Warhammer

New World Great Axe and Warhammer

  • Attributes & Gear: Start by pumping strength to 200 and constitution to 100. At level 60 with 625 item score gear, aim for 300 strength and 200 constitution. Use medium category gear: heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves, light pants, and medium boots.
  • Weapon Masteries: For the Great Axe, get Maelstrom first, then Gravity Well, and Charge. For the Warhammer, focus on Shockwave, Path of Destiny, and Wrecking Ball. These abilities will make you a whirlwind of destruction.
  • Gameplay Strategy: Open with Great Axe's Gravity Well, followed by Charge. When enemies scatter, reel them back with Maelstrom. Switch to Warhammer for the crowd-controlling Shockwave and the mighty Path of Destiny. End with Wrecking Ball for a devastating finish.


Build #2: Great Sword & Sword with Shield

New World Great Sword & Sword with Shield

  • Attributes & Gear: Initially, balance strength and dexterity at 200. Then, add to constitution. Aim for 200 strength, 150 dexterity, and 100 constitution. Go medium with your gear and don't forget a light shield to stay agile.
  • Weapon Masteries: Master the Great Sword with Cross Cut, Skyward Slash, and Steadfast Strike. For the Sword, focus on Leaping Strike, Shield Rush, and Shield Bash. This combination allows for versatile and dynamic combat.
  • Gameplay Strategy: Start with the sword's Leaping Strike, then Shield Rush and Shield Bash for stunning. Swap to the Great Sword for aggressive slashes and mana-restoring Steadfast Strikes. It’s a ballet of blades and shields!


Build #3: Ice & Void Gauntlet

New World Ice & Void Gauntlet

  • Attributes & Gear: Focus on getting 150 intelligence initially, then bolster your constitution. At level 60, aim for 300 intelligence and 150 constitution. Stick to medium gear for balanced protection and mobility.
  • Weapon Masteries: For the Void Gauntlet, prioritize Oblivion, Petrifying Scream, and Orb of Decay. The Ice Gauntlet should focus on Ice Spikes, Ice Storm, and Ice Shower. This mix will leave enemies chilled to the bone and fearing the void.
  • Gameplay Strategy: Use the Void Gauntlet's Oblivion for damage boosts, followed by Petrifying Scream. The Orb of Decay provides both offense and healing. Switch to the Ice Gauntlet for the slowing Ice Storm and the stunning Ice Shower, finishing with the lethal Ice Spikes.


Remember, these builds are more than just a set of instructions; they're a canvas for your unique playstyle. Experiment, tweak, and find what works best for you. Whether you're in the thick of PVE or the heat of PVP, these builds will have you covered.

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