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New World Season 4 Best Perks: Tier List & Ranking

Hey, fellow wanderers! Today, we're plunging headfirst into the wild world of Season 4 perks. But buckle up, because we're tossing in a twist – a tier list! Whether you're strutting in some kickass boots, blinging out with a sparkly ring, or wielding your trusty weapon, we're spilling the beans on the three absolute best perks to slap on your gear. 



New World Season 4 Best Perks: Tier List & Ranking


Now, we get it, best is a bit like choosing your favorite snack – totally subjective, especially in the crazy realms of PvE and PvP.


Best Armor Perks

New World Season 4 Best Armor Perks Tier List


S Tier:

  • Health: Controversial but now more accessible with Season 4 crafting. A bigger health pool suits all playstyles.
  • Enchanted Ward & Elemental Aversion: Reduces damage from light and heavy attacks. Watch categorization, as they play in the same sandbox.
  • Refreshing: Game-changing cooldown reduction. Keep an eye on the cap – four is the magic number.


A Tier:

  • Sturdy Energy: A must for tanks – stamina regen on heavy chests.
  • Conditioning (Thrust & Slash): Mitigates slash and thrust damage, invaluable in burst situations.


B Tier:

  • Elemental Harnessing: Adds flavor to attacks but beware of the Empower cap.
  • Freedom & Physical Aversion: PvP gems but less impactful in PvE.
  • Shing Fortification: Situational – appreciated by tanks but not universally powerful.


C Tier:

  • Vigor & Invigorated: Useful against burns, bleeds, and poisons, but healing usually suffices.
  • Elemental Conditioning: Limited space, a headache to get, and situational.


D Tier:

  • Empowering Breaker: Highly situational due to rare blocks.
  • Luck: Great for chest runs, not expeditions. Adds no team value.


Best Amulet Perks

New World Season 4 Best Amulet Perks Tier List


S Tier:

  • Health: Your safety net – 7% extra health turns the tide.
  • Protection (Flame, Frost, Nature, Void): Elemental hugs, reducing damage by 15%. Perfect for mutations.
  • Empowered: Longer-lasting empowered for DPS players.


A Tier:

  • Stamina Recovery: Tanks and Healers, keep that stamina pool full.
  • Fortified: Tanks rejoice – make your fortifies last longer.


B Tier:

  • Divine: Extra incoming healing – a healer's ace.
  • Fortified Recovery: More fortify below 50%. Quick fortify boost when things get dicey.
  • Refreshing: Good on armor but crowded on the amulet.


C Tier:

  • Shocking & Debilitate Cleanse: Medium equip load players, this one's for you.
  • Purify: Cleanses debuffs when at half health. Situational but handy.


D Tier:

  • Alacrity: Making haste last longer. Fun for tree-chopping adventures, not for combat.
  • Look: Great for chest runs, but for serious expeditions, it's just taking up precious space.


Best Ring Perks

New World Season 4 Best Ring Perks Tier List


S Tier:

  • Hearty: A stamina boost! Dodge like a pro with 10 extra stamina.
  • Damage (Flame, Frost, Nature, Void): Extra damage for your main weapon type.
  • Leeching: Life steal for everyone! Damage players, stay alive in the chaos.


A Tier:

  • Keen Awareness: Great swords, crits galore for that sweet Serenity damage boost.
  • Hasty (Flame, Frost, Nature, Void): Add spice to attacks with burns, frostbite, or other ailments.
  • Infected: A little disease for strategic plays or boss messing.


B Tier:

  • Feeling: Extending debuffs is handy but reapplying them is a breeze.
  • Purifying: Situational, perhaps in PvP, not useful in PvE.
  • Refreshing: Good on other gear, but the ring is VIP territory.


C Tier:

  • Crippling: Great in PvP, meh for PvE.
  • Luck: Better left on the amulet and armor.
  • Poisoning: Limited weapons, limited love.


D Tier:

  • DTI (Do This Instead) Perks: Crippling, Luck, Poisoning – real head-scratchers. PvP use but not in PvE.


Best Earring Perks

New World Season 4 Best Earring Perks Tier List

S Tier

  • Refreshing: A breath of fresh air. Ideal for freeing up space on armor.
  • Purifying Toast: Cleanse debuffs with a sip. PvP champs, take note!
  • Empowering Toast: Sip a potion, get an Empower. A cooldown dance, but it's a toast party!


A Tier:

  • Healthy Toast: For potion-chugging healers. Mana potions giving you health? Sign us up!
  • Regenerating: Solo players, steady health every second.


B Tier:

  • Nimble: Almost fashionably slow stamina regeneration.
  • Duplicating Toast: The cheapskate's choice.


C Tier:

  • Healing H: Burst healing with your H Rune. Situational.
  • Fortifying Toast: Empower and fortify for a hot minute. Cool but questionable.


D Tier:

  • Duplicating Toast: Potions not consumed – does it matter? Save earring slots for the real stars.


Best Ability Perks

New World Season 4 Best Ability Perks

  • Fortifying Sacred Ground: Create your sanctuary – a healing haven.
  • Crippling Reap: Make mobs regret life choices.
  • Fortifying Puff: Blow away troubles with a fortifying puff.


Best Jewelry Perks

New World Season 4 Best Jewelry Perks

  • Refreshing Earring: A healer's dream, and a DPS's oasis.
  • Purifying Toast Ring: PvP secret sauce.
  • Empowering Toast Amulet: Caffeine boost for combat skills.


Best Weapon Perks

New World Season 4 Best Weapon Perks

  • Purifying Scream: Scream so pure it cleanses.
  • Mending Protection: Personal healer in your weapon.
  • Feeling Skewer: Extra crit damage, feels galore.


Whew, that was a rollercoaster, huh? Now, fearless explorers, armed with this perk know-how, go forth, pimp out your gear, and own Aeternum like the legends you are. If you're itching for the nitty-gritty or itching to share your beef about a particular perk, drop us a line in the comments.

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