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New World Season 4 Artifact Weapons Tier List & Ranking

Today, we're diving into a comprehensive tier list for all the current artifact weapons in New World. Remember, this is a general guide, and while some artifacts might shine brighter in specific scenarios, this list is aimed at giving you an overall ranking. Let's start from Odo and work our way down, just as they're listed in the New World database.


New World Season 4 Artifact Weapons Tier List & Ranking


Artifact Weaspons Ranking (Season 4)


Odo (Tier: Low)

  • General Use: Regrettably, AO falls short in most aspects, with limited redeeming qualities.
  • Niche Use: Potentially useful in specific builds like spear off-hand for extra damage.


The Butcher (Tier: Mid)

  • PvP Performance: Underwhelming in player combat.
  • PvE Performance: Exceptional, especially for DPS-focused tanks.


The Finisher (Tier: High)

  • PvE Powerhouse: One of the best artifacts for PvE.
  • PvP Viability: Strong passive benefits, though some perks like Deadly Flourish fall flat.


Spark of Mjolnir (Tier: Below Average)

Utility: Offers value with lightning damage conversion and weaken application, but is niche.


Scorpion Sting (Tier: High)

  • PvP Game Changer: Excellent for pulling healers out of groups.
  • PvE Niche Use: Useful for mob control.


Baltcaster (Tier: Testing Required)

Potential: Shows promise with strong passives, but needs more data for accurate placement.


The Mechanic (Tier: Low)

Concept vs. Execution: Intriguing idea but falls short in practice due to musket gameplay limitations.


The Abyss (Tier: Above Average)

PvP Impact: A strong choice, especially in large-scale PvP.


Inferno (Tier: Solid)

Improved Usability: Recent updates make it a viable choice, especially for flamethrower builds.


Vengeance (Tier: Very Niche)

Limited Usefulness: A damage life staff has potential but remains highly niche.


New World Artifact Weapons Tier List & Ranking | Season 4


Deep Freeze (Tier: High/Above Average)

  • PvE Excellence: Strong passive damage boosts.
  • PvP Consideration: Good, but not as dominant as in PvE.


Lifetaker (Tier: High)

Versatile Offhand: Excellent for ranged builds and PvE healers.


Freya's Francisca (Tier: Niche)

Challenging to Utilize: Offers potential but requires skill and specific build focus.


Gladiator (Tier: Very Low)

Lacking Appeal: Struggles to find a viable use-case scenario.


Michael (Tier: Average/Niche)

Specific Scenarios: Useful for certain builds, particularly with kite shield users.


The Wall (Tier: Average)

PvP Necessity: A must-have for certain tank roles in large-scale PvP.


Pestilence (Tier: High)

Strong Anti-Heal: Once a top-tier artifact, still holds significant value.


Serenity (Tier: High/S)

  • PvE Dominance: Arguably as good as finisher for PvE.
  • PvP Usefulness: Strong, but there are potentially better options.


Lifetaker (Tier: High/A)

Strong Offhand Option: Especially effective in ranged builds.


Fas Francisca (Tier: Niche/C)

Highly Specific Use: Difficult to utilize effectively with throwing builds.


Gladiator (Tier: Very Low/D)

Least Effective: Struggles to find relevance in any build.


Michael (Tier: Niche/C+)

Situational Utility: Offers unique benefits for kite shield users.


The Wall (Tier: Mid/B)

Point Tank Essential: A specific but crucial role in PvP.


Pestilence (Tier: High/A)

Versatile Anti-Heal: Still a strong choice despite the rise of other anti-heal methods.


Deep Freeze (Tier: High/A or S)

Powerful Ice Gauntlet Artifact: Offers significant damage bonuses.


There you have it, folks – a detailed rundown of New World's artifact weapons. As always, the effectiveness of these artifacts can vary based on your specific build and playstyle. Remember to consider how each artifact aligns with your character's strengths and weaknesses. And, if you've got unique insights or disagree with any placements, feel free to share your thoughts!

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