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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preparation Effective Strategies

With Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery on its way to WoW Classic, players are looking for the best ways to prepare their characters and make the most out of their gaming experience. So we've created a guide that should help you do just that.


Step 1: Character and Alt Management

Make sure all your characters and alts reach at least level 20-25 and get all the runes (there's 12 total) that increase performance. Even if some seem useless now, they will eventually become crucial. Gear up focusing on BiS pieces and spell damage for both healers and levels for rogues.


Step 2: Gold Farming Strategy

In order to really get your characters prepared for Phase 2, you need a strong gold farming strategy. Try to have at least 80-90 gold around level 40 or else new gold sinks introduced by Blizzard might actually end up costing you more than expected later on down the line. So save wow sod gold anywhere you can when getting consumables needed in Neron raid like DarkMoon storage box (4g), Journeymen backpacks (14s from Stormwind tailor vendor) or dark iron residue (10-20s each from Blackrock Depths), which will also be used as an additional source of reputation.


Step 3: Pre-Quest and Flight Path Planning

Flight paths alone have enough strategic mobility to win or lose fights over resource nodes such as black lotus all around STV or Zul'Farak.

For leveling route after Phase 1, you have two main choices. You can either go dungeons like Scarlet Monastery if you want to push your own limits, or questing, grouping for some key quests and skipping the rest of the zones. The downside to going this route is that it's slower than dungeon spamming but will definitely be more fun. You should also try to pre-quest as much as possible since leveling speeds are twice as fast in Phase 2. This way, you'll save up quests for quick leveling. 

For example:

  • ‐ Heart of Fire
  • ‐ The Hunter's Charm


Step 4: Profession Preparation

Just like how there was a max level increase for all professions to 300 in Phase 1, there will be another one coming up in Phase 2 with an increased cap for all professions to level 225, which includes specialization like class trainers (not mentioned in notes). So make sure you stockpile materials and recipes based on recommendation from profession guides as well as make sure you don't have any maxed out professions!


Here are a few examples of what you should stockpile:

Engineering: Bronze framework

First Aid: Cloths

Cooking: Curiously tasty omelet ingredients and cooking recipe.

Stock up on the recipe for now so that when Phase 2 hits, you're ready to start leveling ASAP!


Step 5: Maximizing Reputations

Get your reputation up because supply officer reputation is likely essential to obtain next set of runes. Try get at least honored reputation rank three so that by the time new phase rolls around, you'll have a head start on gear. War song reputation is also just fun to do. Max it out by doing premades (you know what I'm thinking) and get epic bracers in Phase 2.


Additional Preparation: Timbera Reputation and Furog Medicine Pouch

Even though this isn't the main focus, consider getting your Timbera reputation to at least revered for Furog medicine pouch as well as other items that could be useful in current phase.


Conclusion: Thorough Preparation for Success

If you follow each of these five steps which include leveling, gold farming, pre-questing, profession preparation and maximizing reputations, you'll be more than prepared for WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 2. Not only will you have a smooth transition into the next phase, but you'll also have a more rewarding gaming experience along the way.

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