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Guides for Soloing Group Dungeons in Albion Online

Doing group dungeons on your own in Albion Online can be a profitable enterprise. This guide will show you how to run through a dungeon quickly to determine its value, and then do the most effective clearing for maximum Albion Silver and Items. Let's look into types of dungeons that fit these strategies, gear, and nature of the dungeon.


Choosing the Right Dungeon

  • The best dungeons are those found in the wild, far from towns.
  • Go for dungeons with purple butterflies in Tier 4 areas and blue ones in Tier 5 zones.
  • Avoid these particular dungeons with golden butterflies located at Tier 5 zones because they are more dangerous.


The Skip Set

  • Gear: Cartwheel (W2), Stun Run, Assassin Jacket, Soldier Boot (Wanderlust), Assassin Hood (cooldown reduction).
  • Food Swap: Roast pork for healing.
  • Usage: Jump into the dungeon as fast as possible and check out if there is any valuable loot. Move past some enemies by using invisibility when necessary.


Running the Dungeon

  • First Exploration: Enter immediately and rush through the entire dungeon including chest locations without fighting where it is not important.
  • Assessing Value: Check colors of chests – blue and green, purple ones. Aim primarily at purple chests and legendary ones.
  • Efficient Navigation: Make use of your skip set to avoid unnecessary fighting by moving very fast.
  • Food Swap: While running through mobs or afterwards use roast pork to gain health much faster.


Clearing the Dungeon

  • If you locate valuable chests get ready to clear as you go. Wear combat gear while starting from the beginning or safe point near the dungeon.
  • Use a balance of damage, control and sustain to clear mobs and bosses quickly too efficiently eliminate monsters
  • Your strategy should depend upon who your enemies are as well as what bosses you meet.


Gear Swap for Combat

Make sure you have items like cultist sandals, stalker jacket and cursed staff that help you do more damage, increases your sustainability and provide essential utilities for different dungeons.


Boss Fights

  • Study boss mechanics and adjust the strategy as well as gear accordingly.
  • Sometimes some bosses need different tactics or gear swap to be defeated quicker.


Key Tips

  • Focus on dungeons with higher-tier chests as they have better loot.
  • Know when to fight and when not to.
  • Familiarize yourself with dungeon layouts so that it becomes easy for you to navigate through them.



Soloing group dungeons in Albion Online is both rewarding and fun. With the right strategies, equipment, and understanding of these caves, you can quickly pass them for good rewards. Do not forget adjusting your approach depending on a dungeon's type and available loot. Have a great time in the dungeon! May your loots be legendary!

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