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Why is the New World progression system so bad?

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today we are going to talk about the game's progression system as it is a hot topic among the New World community. Many players feel that progression in New World is lacking and here we are going to break down why that might be. This document dives into the intricacies of New World's progression system


Why is the New World progression system so bad?


Progression Over Time

When New World first came out, it had a hidden Watermark gear score system that affected drops' quality. Then, after two years or so, this was changed by an expertise system which lasted until the last expansion.


Changes Made in Expansion

  • Ward and Bane System: Originally, dungeons required specific gear sets with 'Ward' perks and weapons with 'Bane' to effectively tackle different types of enemies but this has been done away within the recent expansion.
  • Simplified Gear Acquisition: The higher your gear score, the better your gear quality will be hence nothing obscurely indicating your chances of getting high-end stuff (like M3 dungeons) are there except for your ability to complete difficult content.


PvE and PvP Gear Progression

  • PvE: In this type of progression, things mostly go one way. Completing normal dungeons brings about gears up to certain gearscore while higher tier ones give better gearscores. Loot biasing typically ensures better gear although RNG plays a part.
  • PvP: This is where things get a bit tricky. For PvP, gear acquisition mostly relies on RNGs such as faction vendors, PvP reward tracks or Outpost Rush boxes. Most times players are just unlucky when it comes to good gears hence become frustrating situations.


The Problem with Current Progression

  • RNG Dependency: In both PvE and PvP progressions, heavy reliance on RNG can make the feeling of progressing be quite inconsistent and not rewarding at all.
  • Reaching High Gear Score Easily: The road to a high gear score is quite easy but obtaining 'Best in Slot' or BiS gear, is very hard because it is time intensive.
  • Lack of Clear Incentives: Once you get close to your BiS, there is little point in grinding for that last bit of perfect gear. This can make the endgame feel less rewarding.


Graphical Representation of Progression

Imagine a graph with Y-axis as strength ratio and X-axis as time/effort. In New World, initially, the curve spikes up sharply showing how players can achieve significant strength very quickly. However, it flattens out at the top meaning that gaining the last bits of 'perfect' gears takes disproportionately more time or effort.


Casual-Friendly... Or Not?

New World may seem casual-friendly due to its ease of catching up. However gold farming and getting best-in-slot gear are long processes that not many find enjoyable. As such, this paradox makes it difficult to classify New World strictly as casual-friendly.


Looking Ahead

With upcoming content like a 10-man dungeon, it remains to be seen how progression will evolve. The game needs a more satisfying progression loop – something that feels rewarding and worth the time investment. Whether it's through cosmetics, new player power systems, or other incentives, New World's progression system needs a revamp to keep players engaged.


The progression through New World is a mixed bag. It has become easier to get good gear but grind for perfect gear is long and sometimes not worth it. The game needs to be balanced enough to cater for both casual and hardcore players so that all can be satisfied.

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