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WoW Classic SoD Murloc Gold Farming Method in Southshore

With the Season of Discovery in WoW Classic, players have been able to discover a lot of gold farming opportunities. One method that has come into the spotlight is Murloc farming in Southshore. Not only is this method extremely lucrative, but it also makes use of the guard mechanics and party strategies to maximize efficiency in farming. Whether you're a new player or have been playing for some time, this guide will help you make sure you get the most wow classic sod gold out of this unique method.


Where to Farm Murlocs

The best place to execute this method is in Southshore where you'll be dealing with Murlocs by the coast. They're part of a quest line and have valuable loot. In just a short while, you can gather Pearlescent Pearls, enchanting formulas, and healing gear on top of other high-value green gear items like necklaces that'll fetch you a good sum at the auction house.



Leveraging Guard Mechanics

What makes it intriguing are the guard mechanics that are used. Normally, if guards kill mobs then players have to deal significant damage to them in order to get the loot and experience from them. But when you're in a party there's no requirement like that anymore. You can tag the mobs and let the guards do all the work while still receiving full rewards from loot regardless of your own damage output. This way more classes other than hunters can farm effectively since they usually deal sufficient damage.


Party Strategy

In order to apply this method, you need to be inside a party. If you don't have someone that'll run with you then simply invite someone who's close by like someone fishing along the shore. Set your loot settings so everyone can take everything and pull as many Murlocs as possible before kiting them back to guards for an easy kill. You won't need great gear for this tactic which means anyone can join regardless of their level.


Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Class and Gear: Hunters can farm these Murlocs more efficiently simply because of their ability to deal with higher-level mobs. But this method allows other classes to be efficient too.
  • Finding a Party: Look for people around you that you can invite to your party, they don't have to actively join the farming process.
  • Guard Engagement: Make sure you tag the Murlocs before guards start fighting them. This is key for loot mechanics to work in your favor.


Conclusion: Maximize Your Gold Earnings

The Season of Discovery's Murloc farming in WoW Classic is a game-changer especially since those who aren't playing hunters can benefit from it too. By using guard mechanics and smart party tactics, you'll be able to get valuable loot easier which will significantly increase your gold reserves. All you have to do is find a good spot, form a party, and let the guards help you make gold.

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