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Throne and Liberty Armor Upgrade with Growthstones to Epic Guides

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on how to get your armor status up to epic in Throne and Liberty. This guide is necessary for players who want to improve their gear, whether you're starting out or want to optimize your current set-up.


Throne and Liberty Armor Upgrade with Growthstones to Epic Guides


Armor Upgrading in Throne and Liberty

In Throne and Liberty, the upgrade of one's armor makes a big difference in terms of combat effectiveness. To do it successfully, there is need to interact with specific non-playable characters (NPCs) and collect certain materials.


Visit the Contract Coin Merchant Daily

The Contract Coin Merchant which is found at Vienta Village is where Growthstones can be obtained from.



Purchase these stones with coins earned from completed contracts.

Remember that coins are acquired through participating actively in contracts. They are crucial in speeding up your gear enhancement process.



Understand Growthstones

For instance, GrowthStones have been revealed as being the secret behind gearing up in Throne and Liberty. These precious stones essential for both weapon and armor upgrades can be earned through various engaging activities:

  • Hunting Objectives: Powerful monsters need to be defeated by undertaking exhilarating hunts that reward you with GrowthStones.
  • Daily Contracts: Daily contracts not only assist progressing further also they reward these valuable stones too.
  • Equipment Lithograph Book: For instance, this book is stuffed with hundreds of GrowthStones; getting into it could boost one's collection considerably as well.
  • Growth Stone Dissolving/Combining: An innovative feature enables players to either combine the same quality of Growthstones into higher-tier ones or break down better ones into numerous lesser ones.


You can fuse them together using Throne and Liberty's system to form an Epic quality GrowthStone which will greatly increase the effectiveness of your gear. Conversely, if you need more lower-tier stones, just dissolve a higher tiered GrowthStone for them.

Throne and Liberty employs such a dynamic approach that ensures a flexible and strategic path to gear enhancement, enabling players to shape their upgrading journey as they please. GrowthStones are the secret to unlocking the true potential of your gear, be it ascending it to legendary heights or stockpiling for future improvements.


Utilize the Armor Crafter

The Armor Crafter is also located in Vienta Village. This is where you can change your Growthstones into better ones. This exchange is crucial for enhancing higher-tier gear. Note the Throne and Liberty Lucent and material amounts you have before converting any.



Crafting Weapons and Armor

In the case of armor section, it contains different types of gears each with its unique stats and appearances. Make your choices carefully based on your preferred play-style as well as main Weapons and Armor.


Finding Crafting Stations

For instance one can visit such crafting NPCs like weapon crafter, armor crafter or accessory crafter in specific locations like Castleton.

These places are quick to teleport to and contain various crafting NPCs.


Crafting Process

  • Choose an item to craft then ensure that you have all the necessary materials with you.
  • Create the item and notice how your character's appearance and stats change afterward.
  • Try out different combinations of gears that will fit your combat style and role best.


Prioritize Your Gear Upgrades

  • Upgrade first gear that mostly resembles your combat role and playstyle.
  • Always start with green-tier items when upgrading your gear to rarer blue and purple ones.


Balance Your Gear Enhancements

  • Enhance all armors with Growthstones in even distribution.
  • Resources like Lucent and coins are important for upgrades.
  • Explore Side Quests and Events for Extra Growthstones
  • Engage in side quests as well as regional exploration for more Growthstones.
  • Participating in these ongoing activities will reward you with many valuable resources that help improve your gear.


Enhancing Gear to Blue and Beyond

  • To upgrade gear from one color tier (e.g. from blue to purple), it must achieve a specific level threshold (e.g., +8 or +9).
  • The appropriate Growthstones should be used along with the materials required for higher tier edge enhancements.
  • Participate in Seasonal Events for Additional Resources
  • Pay attention to special events that give extra Growthstones and materials.
  • These can be very useful events which highly accelerate when gear enhances fastest.



When trying to maxes out your gear in Throne and Liberty, think strategically. To this end, one should make day-to-day tasks, resource management, regular participation in game activities part of their daily routine.

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