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Throne and Liberty Skill Leveling Guides for Beginners

Welcome to our final guide on quickening your skill leveling in Throne and Liberty. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced gamer; this manual will explain how the skill leveling mechanics work, what it takes to improve gears, and how to become stronger in no time.


Throne and Liberty Skill Leveling Guides for Beginners


About Skill in Throne and Liberty

Explore all kinds of weapons in Throne and Liberty with our complete weapon skills list for every weapon type: Crossbow, Dagger, Greatsword, Longbow, Staff, Sword, and Wand. Unlike other games based on classes, Throne and Liberty has a unique character that allows you to choose any two out of these seven weapons all of which have their own skills both active and passive. This kind of system allows players to have a more dynamic experience when fighting by giving them options of combining skills from different weapons depending on their style of play. Enjoy the world of Throne and Liberty by using your personalised weapon combination for unleashing your fighting ability.



Step 1: Choose Your Skills Wisely

  • Start by opening the skills menu (press K).
  • Consider now boosting those skills that enhance your playstyle as well as rotation.
  • Prioritize leveling skills to 'purple' for maximum impact. Each color tier (green-blue-purple) has five levels.


Balancing Skill Upgrades

  • Upgrade both active skills along with passive ones so that they are balanced against each other.
  • Avoid over-investing in one skill; diversify it to increase the effectiveness of your combat overall.


Passive Skill Enhancement

  • Passive skills are also worth upgrading, and this can be seen on the right side of the screen.
  • This means that enhancing these skills will improve base attributes of a character, thus providing additional combat bonuses.


Strategic Skill Leveling

  • What determines the sort of skill that you should place points into? This is dependent on what role you want to play (Tank, Healer, DPS).
  • Experiment with various combinations possible for finding out how they synergize with your own way of playing.


Step 2: Understanding Skill Growth Effects

  • Each level of a skill has its own peculiarities. Upgrading a skill to blue may add an extra attack, while purple might considerably increase damage dealt by it.
  • Attention is drawn to growth effects listed at the bottom of each skill's description.



Step 3: Gathering Materials for Skill Leveling

  • In Vienta Village you can buy special books which are necessary for leveling up skills.
  • Take part in events and get rare parchments and marins as well.
  • At the same time remember that high quality marins can be bought from auction house. They can be broken into lower-quality ones that are required for upgrading skills at higher levels.



Step 4: Efficiently Upgrading Your Skills

Go to Vienta Village's research center and get some books about your abilities and skills here.

Use Lucent, parchments and marins to create skill books.

Upgrade your abilities one by one starting with those that help increase your overall fighting capabilities in general sense only progressively as they will allow you to have an edge over your enemies in game battles involving all parties concerned regardless of their positions within these groups or teams competing against each other anywhere throughout this virtual world composed only out-of-world computers' tables through companies who develop such software products like those ones named above in these sentences.



Step 5: Map out your resources properly

  • Use the high-end ones once you get them, replace them with lower tier as soon as you can. 
  • Always manage your Lucent comfortably and watch the cost of materials.
  • And lastly, always make sure to participate in events.

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