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Which are Best Level 40 Classes in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2?

In the rapidly changing world of SoD Phase 2, a few classes have managed to pull ahead of others in power at level 40. Below we will highlight those classes that are currently breaking the mold and what makes them so strong.


DPS Warrior: Always coming up on top

A DPS warrior with abilities such as Blood Thirst or Mortal Strike is nothing to scoff at. The introduction of new gear options like the 1% crit helmet and boots of avoidance has further pushed their power. Weapons like the Ravager make warriors stronger in AoE situations, talents like Sweeping Strikes and Whirlwind ensure warriors always top DPS meters in AoE situations.


Beast Mastery Hunter: Beast Unleashed

The Beast Mastery Hunter has seen huge leaps forward due to the Beast Mastery rune, which provides an additional 20% pet damage. Paired with talents that increase pet crit chance and attack speed, hunters are now competing for top DPS spots. Keystone talent in Beast Mastery: hunters another 50% damage increase making hunter and pet a very scary combo.


Resto Shaman: They hit so different

Resto shamans have been underperforming with only Chain Heal at lvl 34 being added they're very lack luster healers. They do however bring Mana Tide Totem which regenerates 36% total mana for party members making them essential in speed running guilds. Their Earth Shield also contributes threat generation for tanks making this class required in any group content.


Bear Druid: Unmoving

Bear druids have had multiple builds focusing on plain damage output or threat generation but can now combine both for optimal efficiency. By being able to scale off weapon damage and introducing powerful items such as Manual Crowd Pummeler bear druids are sure to go above other tanks.


Fire Warlock: Inferno begins here

Fire Warlocks have a certain build that multiplies damage by quite a bit. New talents enhancing fire damage introduce abilities such as Conflagrate. This allows warlocks to scale extremely well as they progress deeper into the game.


Wind Fury Tank: The storm is here

The Wind Fury Tank build for Warriors is an incredible design for tanking. By combing Arms and Protection warriors can use slow weapons for max Devastate effect while also benefiting from increased rage generation and critical strike chance. These builds make warriors one of the best tanks in the game.


These classes are at their peak right now but it's only until new runes get added or some balancing doesn't get patched soon. Stay tuned as we'll continue to analyze this and discuss it.

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