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Top WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Features

Blazing horizon marks the forthcoming Phase 2 in Classic: Season of Discovery, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the new content. Without much ado, let's jump to the top features that will surely enhance your gaming experience.


Top WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Features


Level Cap Increase to 40

With Phase 2, your characters start a new phase as the level cap shoots up from 25 to 40; this advancement unblocks many zones for exploration and rune discoveries such as Ult Mountains and Dustwallow Marsh. Get ready for a more immersive leveling experience!


New Dungeons Galore

Scarlet Monastery and Razorfen Downs are famous dungeons that are now accessible with the increased level cap. These instances boast of various items that can be used as weapons or worn, which will come in handy in subsequent encounters.


- Scarlet Monastery


- Razorfen Downs


Gnomeregan Raid

Following Blackfathom Deeps' transformation into a mini-raid, Gnomeregan comes up as another raiding venue. This instance brings more challenge through renewed bosses and mechanics making it popular with PVE lovers.


Open World PVP Event

Hints suggest an impending world PVP event albeit no one knows where it may take place; rumors have it that it could be set within Stranglethorn Vale. As you fight to dominate this PvP playground, ensure you have enough wits about you and very sharp blades on your side.



Class Runes and Abilities

Although details about new runes and class abilities remain hidden from public eye at present time. Such additions are expected to provide new means of developing your character's combat skills through customization.


Expanded Rune Slots

Data mining reveals potential introduction of additional rune slots which would allow further customization across different gear pieces thus transforming class builds and strategies.


Enhanced Talent Trees

Now, having 31 talent points at your disposal, you can unlock powerful Capstone talents that permit diverse builds. This feature will significantly improve how potent or effective your hero is while also facilitating the emergence of multiple playstyles.


New Class Abilities

Each class has a number of game-changing abilities that open up only at the highest levels. For example, druids are capable of using hurricane to control nature and mages acquire ice block for protection. Hunters and shamans can improve party members using such abilities as trueshot aura and windfury totem.


Class Quests and Items

Specific class quests will task players with earning unique items that further refine their chosen playstyle. Apart from adding depth to the lore, these quests offer some tangible rewards for the character's growth.


Mounts and Profession Upgrades

By the time you reach level 40, mounts are available for purchase; they make your movement faster while crossing Azeroth. At the same time, professions receive advanced crafting options that enable you to forge or purchase powerful items and WoW Classic SoD Gold, which could be crucial during your journey.


These features promise to bring fresh challenges and growth opportunities into your adventure. Phase 2 of Season of Discovery is set to give you an unforgettable experience whether you've been around since vanilla days or just started exploring its realms recently.

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