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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Class DPS Tier List

As we approach the second phase of WoW Classic Season of Discovery, an increase in level cap from 25 to 40 is expected to unlock a lot more abilities and talents. This change, therefore, necessitates an evaluation of its possible effects on class meta. In this paper, we present a speculative DPS tier list based on the current knowledge and insights from top ranking players.


WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Class DPS Tier List


Before we jump into this tier list, it is important to note that this analysis is based on current information and may change with new updates. One of the upcoming raids is Naxxramas (Naxx). This raid will greatly affect class meta changes. On top of that, going from 10-man up to maybe 20 or 25-man raids might make some specs completely non-viable.



In Naxx, mechanicals are a unique challenge because they are immune to bleeds, poisons, and draining effects. For instance Arms Warriors and Assassination Rogues who are known for their damage over time (DoT) capabilities will be impacted by such immunity. As these changes happen let's look at the DPS tier list for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery.




Frost Mage: F Tier

PvE content will still have Frost Mages right at the bottom of the dps meters. While excellent in PvP, a lackluster damage output alongside little utility implies that they are practically useless for raiding purposes hence placing them in F-tier.


Subtlety Rogue: F Tier

Subtlety Rogues will most likely remain in the F-tier as per Phase 1 due to underwhelming performance in PvE content and limited use of subtlety talents.


Affliction Warlock: D Tier

Dependence on drain life mechanics could render affliction warlocks unviable in PvE. However, their utility might be limited in Naxx raids.


Shadow Priest: D Tier with Potential Utility Synergy

Although there have been some improvements in Phase 2, achieving high damage numbers will still be a challenge for shadow priests owing to spell rankings. Nevertheless, they could rise in bigger raid settings as a result of their utility synergies.


Balance Druid: C Tier

While offering valuable utility and buffs, there might be limitations on Balance Druids' part that hinder them from producing as much damage as other specs. Their niche utility role still forms a significant part of their contribution.


Arms Warrior: C Tier with Baseline Damage

Despite the mechanical immunity debuff being an issue, Arms Warriors still come off strong when it comes to baseline damages. Their position in the C tier is an indication of their resilience despite limitations.


Retribution Paladin: C Tier Performance

Although Retribution Paladins have impressive abilities, they might struggle with pulling out competitive damagers while comparing with other melee specs. Their position in the C tier is indicative of their limitations compared to other melee specs.


Fire Mage: B Tier

Fire Mages should remain where they are, which is the B tier, having solid damage output with burnout synergy and living flame. They deal a lot more damage but spell rankings might restrict it and also have additional utilities.


Assassination Rogue: B Tier

Adaptability beyond poisons and bleeds could lead Assassination Rogues to using backstab build for sustained DMG. The versatility explaining why they may show up at B tier level.


Arcane Mage: A Tier Potential

The second phase may see Arcane Mages become one of the strongest specs if not an A tier one. In raid environments, these mages can display a level of versatility plus utility thanks to powerful spells and mana solutions being available to them.


Destro Warlock: A Tier

In phase 2 raids destro warlock had good performance as they got access to impactful talents and spells. The consistent dmg output rates them as a dependable A-tier pick.


Marksmanship Hunter: A Tier with Mandatory Utility

Marksmanship Hunters are likely going to be strong when it comes to DPSing and provide vital raid utilities. A strong choice for a Marksmanship Hunter will be given by its true shot aura as well as potent talents which it possesses making it an A tier range-dps hunter spec.


Beast Mastery Hunter: A Tier Damage Potential

Considering their pet synergies and damage output, I would expect Beast Mastery Hunters do very well in Phase 2 raids. This places high expectations on their damage output and therefore they are A tier.


Combat Rogue: A Tier Burst Damage

Combat Rogues are predicted to deal huge amounts of burst damage, particularly when using adrenaline rush and blade flurry. A strong choice for a Combat Rogue will be given by its potent talents as well as its ability burst down enemies, fundamentally making it an A tier melee rogue spec.


Fury Warrior: S Tier Powerhouse

Fury Warriors are set to become powerhouses in S tier during phase two. With access to powerful talents and improved rage management, Fury Warriors have all the indicators of top-level damage dealers.


Elemental Shaman: S Tier Potential

In spite of previous problems in performance, Elemental Shamans are ready for a tremendous transition to the S tier in Phase 2. With stronger spells and abilities, it is possible to turn Elemental Shamans into fearsome damage dealers.


Melee Classes: Dominance Continues

Phase 1 raids have always been favorable to melee classes due to their high damage output and synergy. It is anticipated that melee will continue dominating in Phase 2 unless there are significant changes.


Survival Hunter: Speculation on Tanking Role

Survival Hunters with defensive talents but limited damage capabilities might find themselves stepping into tanking role in Phase 2. Consequently; there could be fresh openings for Survival Hunters as a tank class.


Casters: Potential for Buffs

During Phase 1 casters found their positions mostly at the bottom of the DPS meters. They may require significant buffs and adjustments to make them competitive in terms of PvE damage output.


Feral Druid: Sustained Utility in Support Role

Feral Druids are expected to keep up their support role as they bring value utility to the melee group. While their DPS may be limited, this utility proves crucial in raid compositions involving them.


To conclude, this Phase 2 DPS tier list for WoW Classic Season of Discovery is meant as a speculative evaluation based upon known information and insights. As we eagerly await the upcoming changes, it is imperative that we do not take these predictions as gospel and allow for possible meta shifts. The ongoing evolution of WoW Classic is taking players away, and with what looks like exciting times ahead when Phase 2 commences, class dynamics are set to change too.

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