The Callisto Protocol: The heir to Dead Space shows itself in images, the release date is becoming clearer

To say that The Callisto Protocol is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 is barely exaggerated. Indeed, since his announcement to the Game Awards 2020, the amateurs of Survival Horror have been losing any information concerning him. Why ? Quite simply because it is the new project of Glen Schofield, the creator of Dead Space. Also boss of striking distance, a studio founded by PUBG Corporation, he had indicated last April that the serious things were going to begin: “Velable the moment I prefer when I create a game: the design that takes place.See the team work hard in the motion-capti studio to give life to our characters. I want to thank all those who wait while we finish and refine the game. We will soon have Information to share with you._ “

You have to believe that the time has come, since through Game inform, The Callisto Protocol offers new visuals which highlight both the hero Jacob Lee and the two -headed creature that we would not have Not really want to meet in an dark alley. Naturally, our American colleagues have been entitled to a detailed presentation – notably with the gameplay ever distributed so far – which has enabled them to write a file included in the next issue of their magazine. Other important information: Krafton is indeed aiming for an outing during the second half of 2022. This is in any case what emerges from its latest financial results, the publisher even specifying that The Callisto Protocol has AAAA ambitions.

The Callisto Protocol - Everything We Know

We cross our fingers so that the game shows itself during the Summer Game Fest whose conference will take place on June 9 at 8 p.m.

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