Soul Hackers 2 commander skills

The main storyline Soul Hackers 2 rotates around the commander of the Ringo. Ringo has three more allies that help her in her journey, and although they have only a few available passive abilities, Ringo has a unique set of skills called commander skills, which are exclusive for her.

In this leadership, we will consider everything you need to know about the commander’s skills in Soul Hackers 2.

Understanding the skills of the commander in Soul Hackers 2

The commander’s skills are special types of abilities exclusive to the ringo. There are many commander skills that Ringo can unlock and use, which can be vital for changing the outcome of the battle.

There are two types of commander skills: active and passive. Passive ordinary, but active are much more powerful than ordinary special abilities.

Although MP is not required for their use, the system has a disadvantage, otherwise they would be too strong. The disadvantage is the restriction to which you can use them, which varies in battle, depending on the type of commander’s skills used.

Limit in the form of the number of turns. For example, to reset the skills Knowstick Messen and Master of Transformation of the Commander, four moves are required, and the Reloading skill can only be used once per battle.

Below is a list of Ringo commander skills, which are available in the game at the moment.

Commander skill The number of moves Effect
Reload Allows the knockout members of the group to completely restore their health in the ally.

Capacitor of damage | 4 | Increases the strength of the Sabbath and narrows it to one goal.
Transformation | 1 | Allows one member of the group to change the equipment.
Basic transformation | 4 | Allows all members of the group to change the equipment.

how to unlock the skills of the commander

The commander’s skills can be unlocked in Compo Smith along with many other improvements. Like all other improvements, to unlock the commander’s skills, the basic value will be required, but they will not be cheap.

To acquire a certain skill of the commander, you will need a couple of yen and demonic materials, such as the Memory of the Totem, which is common among the skills of the commander.

Ian is the basic currency of the game, and the materials of demons, such as the memory of the totem, can be obtained from demons.

In addition, along with a huge cost for them, you will also need to fulfill a certain part of the story or side quests to unlock.

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