Genshin Impact Nilou: Elementary Skill, Explosion and Constellations Explained

In the recent Genshin Impact 3.1 Livestream preview, Hoover mocked three new characters, and one of them is Pilot. She is a future user of 5-Star Sword who uses the Hydro element to fight her opponents. This Genshin Impact Guide will explain everything about GENSHIN IMPACT Elementary ability, explosion and constellations of Pilot so you can make a wise decision before spending firstborn.

GENSHIN IMPACT NILOU-Skills and skills explained

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As we mentioned earlier, Pilot is a next 5-star Hydro character that will be launched along with version 3.1. Here is a detailed breakdown of the character’s abilities:

Normal attack: Dance of the arc string moon

Normal Perform up to three sword blows.
Loaded Consume energy to perform a rotating cut
Very low It falls from the air to the ground and inflicts AOE damage

Elementary ability

Dance of the Seven Kingdoms Pilot enters the Pirouette state, which inflicts Hydro’s damage based on the maximum HP of it. When she is in Pirouette, her normal and elementary attacks will make her enter the Sword Dance and Whirling Steps positions respectively, turning her damage into Hydro. In these stanzas, Pilot’s third dance step will end with Pirouette. Pilot cannot use loaded attacks when she is under the effect of Pirouette or Lunar Prayer.
Sword dance Try an aqueous moon that inflicts hydroelectric damage to opponents and gives Pilot the lunar prayer. This effect converts normal attacks into Sword Dance techniques, with the final blow, unleashing an aqueous moon.
Rotating steps Release a water wheel that inflicts AEMO Animus damage and creates an effect of tranquility that follows your character, applying moisture to nearby enemies.

Elemental explosion

Lot dance: distant dreams, spring that listens It makes a lotus of distant water flourish, which inflicts AOE Hydro damage according to Pilot’s maximum HP, while applying the lingering effect eon to those to which she hits. Opponents with Lingering Eon will receive Hydro damage periodically.


White jade lotus There is the possibility of winning twice as much food when perfect cooking is achieved.
Dance Petal Court If all group members are a mixture of Pedro and Hydro, the dance of the seven kingdoms of Pilot gives the effect of the generosity of the golden chalice. This lasts 30 seconds and increases elementary domain by 60 for ten seconds when she is beaten by a Pedro attack. Triggering Bloom will also create Bounty Cores instead of Pedro Cores. These have a larger AOE when they explode, but they cannot activate Hyperbloom or Burgeon.
Aeons dreaming dance For every 1000 HP points above 30,000, the damage inflicted by Bounty Cores will increase by 8 %. The maximum possible increase through this is 300%.


Dance of the Managing Moon Dance of the seven kingdoms increases the damage to the aqueous moon and the duration of tranquility is extended six seconds.
The crashed skies their rain of flowers When the characters with Golden Chalice’s Bounty inflict Hydro’s damage, the Hydro resistance of that opponent is reduced by 35% for ten seconds. When a Bloom reaction inflicts damage, its resistance Pedro is reduced by 35 % for ten seconds. This constellation only works if the court of dance petals is unlocked.
Seductive gloomy step Impulse Dance of the Lotus: distant Dreams, Listening Spring on three levels. The maximum update is 15.
Fricative pulse When the third dance step of the Seven Realms hits the opponents, Pilot wins 15 elementary energy. Her Dance of the Lotus’s damage: distant dreams, Listening Spring also increases by 50% for eight seconds.
Rotating light Increases the dance of the seven kingdoms on three levels. The maximum update is 15.
Rompehielos melody For every 1000 HP points, the critics rate and Pilot’s critical damage increase 0.6 % and 1.2 % respectively. The maximum impulse in this way is 30% critical index and 60% critical damage.

The previous information comes from Honey Impact.

That is all you need to know about ** GENSHIN IMPACT PILOT SKILLS AND SKILLS. Before leaving, do not forget to consult some of our other GENGHIS IMPACT-CONTANTIDE RELATED HERE IN DLPRIVATOSERVER, as how to complete the table of tablet analysis and how to complete the line of line overflow Law in Genshin Impact 3.0.

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