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Gigantic X Guide Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Prey Invasion is a first-person shooter video clip game created by American studio MachineWorks, and also published by Hands-On Mobile together with 3D Realms for the iOS. It is based on Victim for Xbox 360 as well as PC.

Gigantic X has only been traveling for just over a week, but it is developing the mobile prey shooter of our dreams. That means it's not exactly the friendliest game that there is. In our review we have found that you have to invest some time in the game to really understand what's going on.

To help you, we have put together a practical beginner's guide for beginners. These tips should be supported on your way in the right direction Gigantic x from the outset. Tips can be found below:

Choose a main line

Gigantic x You have control over three mighty mercenaries. However, that does not mean that you all need to update at the same time. In fact, this is exactly the opposite of what you should do.

To decide for a mercenary and stay with it is definitely the correct procedure Gigantic X from a variety of reasons. First, you can get a more powerful character faster. If you stick to a single character, you can also learn a lot of exercise with a trusted character, which is helpful in challenging underworld and frontline missions.

It may happen that the underworld offers missions in which they have to play as a specific character. Therefore, it may be helpful to create a few basic equipment for your alternative characters, but you should never invest time and resources in them.

Use the shooting range

One of the most exciting moments in Gigantic X then you can finally make a shiny new weapon. The only problem is that it can be difficult to know if you want the weapon shoots before you make it. Here comes the shooting range into the game.

The shooting range is available in Avgigantic X_ In the training menu, you can combine and try all kinds of weapons before expanding valuable resources for their production. There was a few times in my time with gigantic X where I tested a weapon and decided against the production because I did not like how it was feeling. Make sure you do the same, so you do not invest in weapons that do not work for you.

Go straight for animal 5 equipment

When making weapons or armor Gigantic x you have the ability to produce either equipment of the stages 4 or 5. Try whenever possible to find out if you can make it to make equipment of stage 5. Animal 5 equipment is better in every way, and all you have to do is to get them to run the same missions that you run for animal-4 equipment currency, but twice as long.

The 4th stage skip can temporarily affect the power of your character, but you will ultimately save a ship's loading material when you cancel the higher level and saves. Trust me, it's worth it.

Lead Underworld when the fuel is used up

The main clamping point in Gigantic X The free design is the fuel system. They consume fuel when they are on most missions, with the exception of underworld missions.

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Underworld is a kind of special challenge mode in which the players are usually listed in a ranking to determine which reward levels they receive from these missions. To encourage the players to repeat them, no fuel costs are incurred for underworld missions. So, if you have a longer session of playing Gigantic X burn your fuel before you go to the underworld. In this way, you can at least want to earn more fuel as you face the challenges.

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