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Why Is Diablo 4 Class Necromancer So Popular?

The Necromancer is a new Diablo 4 Class being introduced in Game. It has three main components: Blood, Bone, and Summoning. The Blood skills are focused on dealing with the damage and crowd control, while the Bone skills specialize in defense. Finally, the Summoning tree allows players to customize their summons with different abilities. With the combination of these three skill trees, the Necromancer can create powerful builds for both PvE and PvP encounters.



Why Is Diablo 4 Class Necromancer So Popular?

Unique class mechanic - the Book of the Dead.
The Necromancer is a mix of dark caster and summoner, and the Book of the Dead allows you to use abilities from other classes. Additionally, the Necromancer can raise the dead to fight alongside them and use corpses to fuel their spells. With these tools, the Necromancer can be a powerful and versatile class.

The Book of the Dead will allow players to choose and customize their summons. Players will have access to skeletal warriors, mages, and golems right from level one, which is meant to make the Necromancer class feel more like a summoner class from the start.

Upgrade for summons and a sacrifice
You're able to choose an upgrade for your summons and a sacrifice. For example, in the skeletal warrior defender category, you can choose from two upgrades and if you use the sacrifice slot, you gain a permanent buff, such as 15 non-physical resistance, but you cannot summon that minion anymore.

Caster-focused class
The Necromancer in Diablo 4 is primarily a caster-focused class, with the option to summon minions. They have two primary resources: essence and corpses. Essence is a resource bar that regenerates over time, and corpses are created from defeating enemies or from certain necromancer spells. Corpses can be used to summon minions or as a resource for other spells. The necromancer also has the option to use shields, which could lead to an up-close playstyle.

Shields and two-handed scythe swing attacks
Necromancers are a class that uses shields and two-handed scythe swing attacks. They have access to curses, as well, which are debuffs that can make enemies work against them. The necromancer's skills will be divided into six categories, including bone and darkness. Bone skills use physical effects and benefit from having and spending large amounts of the essence, while darkness skills use shadow magic to overwhelm enemies with multiple attacks and debuffs to keep them at bay.

Deals damage to multiple enemies and generates essence
Decompose is a darkness skill that deals damage to multiple enemies and generates essence. It also periodically spawns corpses, allowing you to summon a wave of skeletons and turn the tide in battle. This ability is strong as it gives both resources (essence and corpses) from one channeling ability which is useful for necromancer builds.

Use blood magic to siphon life from their enemies
Necromancers have the ability to use blood magic to siphon life from their enemies, which is a defensive and sustainment based ability. This includes skills such as Blood Surge, an AOE attack that draws blood from surrounding enemies to create a blood nova, and Blood Mist, which grants temporary immunity from damage by transforming into a mist of blood while also draining life from any enemy you pass through.

Strong defensive ability
The Necromancer class in the game has a strong defensive ability that allows players to become immune to damage while transformed into a mist of blood. Also, they have access to the Book of the Dead which can be used to summon and customize minions. This gives players a lot of build variety and opportunity to mix inabilities from any other categories. Additionally, there is the potential for summons to have upgrades and augments through the class skill tree.

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