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How to ESO Leveling Characters Quickly 2023?

There are many different strategies that The Elder Scrolls Online players can use when leveling their characters. Players can choose to focus on a specific attribute, such as strength or intelligence, or they can choose to spread their points out evenly. There are also certain methods that players can use to gain experience points faster, such as defeating enemies, completing quests, or participating in events.

One of the most important aspects of the game is character progression, which is achieved by gaining experience points and leveling up. In ESO, character progression starts at level one and can go up to level 50. As a beginner, there are several things that you should do to make sure that your character is well-equipped for the journey ahead.



How to ESO Leveling Characters Quickly 2023?


Set up your action bar

The first step is to set up your action bar. At levels one to ten, you should place one weapon skill line and one guild skill line on your bar. This will help you to level up your skills faster. You should also unlock the fighters guild, mages guild, and undaunted and complete their intro quests. Doing these quests will unlock some important skills and passives that will be useful for your character.


Increase your mount speed

The next step is to increase your mount speed. You can do this by going to a stable once a day and increasing the mount speed. It can go up to 60, making it much faster. You can also get a 30% mount speed increase at level 10 by doing the intro quest for the Alliance War. This should be done as soon as you reach level 10.


Crafting profession

You should also consider getting into the crafting profession. There are seven crafting professions in ESO - alchemy, blacksmithing, clothing, enchanting, jewelry crafting, provisioning, and woodworking. You can get certified in all these professions when you reach level 6. This will give you a nice experience boost and help you understand the crafting system better.


Questing through zones

Questing through zones is one of the best ways to level and is a great way to get a full immersion in the world of ESO. Not only do you get skill points, but you also get armor, research items, and gold. Sky shards are another important resource that can help you progress, offering skill points and other rewards. World bosses delve, and public incursions are also great ways to increase your XP.


Spending skill points

As you progress in level, you will start to get more and more skill points. For this level range, you should focus on spending skill points on your weapon and guild skills and also on racial passives and crafting. Metallurgy, for example, will allow you to research more items and decrease the time to research. When you get to level 50, then you can start to focus on building up a good build with the right resources and item sets.


Beginner builds

Leveling from 36 to 44 is when the grind really starts to hit. You will start to feel like you are running out of resources quicker and you may not be doing as much damage as you would like. This is when you should look into beginner builds, as well as experiment and find things you enjoy doing. Antiquities are a great way to make money and get rewards, and you can grind them in smaller zones.


Level 45

At level 45, players of The Elder Scrolls Online will receive an invitation to the Undaunted Enclave. This is the location where players can obtain their first pledges. Pledges are daily dungeon quests that rotate each day. There are three pledge givers, two of which offer base-game dungeons, while one offers a DLC dungeon. Completing pledges rewards players with Undaunted Keys. These keys can be used at a vendor to purchase Monster Shoulder pieces for a two-piece set. The Ice Heart Monster set is obtained by doing the Direfrost Keep dungeon on veteran difficulty, while the helmet is obtained by doing it on a CP 160 level. 


At level 45, players should also start investing in their skills, slotting passives for an increase in damage and resource management. Passives are important for increasing damage output, and players should wait until they have the skills they want to use before slotting passives, as this will allow them to get the skills leveled up before using passives. 


Finally, you should make sure to claim your daily rewards. When you log in, you can claim rewards such as ESO Gold and other items. You should also not spend too much gold on things such as bag upgrades, mount speed, and bank upgrades. Make sure to save your gold for when you need it in the future.


Following these steps in ESO will help you to make sure that your character is well-equipped for the journey ahead. With the right setup, you'll be able to progress through the game and reach the highest levels.



Leveling characters in ESO can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Players can customize their characters to fit their playstyle and gain powerful abilities and special skills. There are many different strategies that players can use when leveling their characters, such as focusing on a specific attribute or gaining experience points faster by completing quests or defeating enemies. With a bit of patience and dedication, players can create powerful characters that will help them progress through the game and achieve their goals.

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