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Diablo IV Barbarian Class Skills, Pros and Cons Guides

In Diablo IV, each class will have its own specific skill tree. Active skills can be enhanced with another skill point, and each skill can be further specialized. Additionally, weapons can have specific modifiers to add skill levels to existing skills or even new ones. Barbarians also have a variety of passive skills that can increase damage, cooldown, utility, and defense.



About Barbarian

The Barbarian class has been a mainstay in the Diablo franchise since its inception, and it's a class that many players have been anticipating in Diablo IV. Barbarians are powerful, physical classes that can wield massive two-handed weapons with one hand, scream their opponents into submission, and become mini-versions of the Hulk in the mythical world. In this article, we will go over some of Barbarian's strengths, weaknesses, and abilities in Diablo IV. 



Barbarians are renowned for their massive DPS capabilities. They can equip four weapons at once, dual-wield two single-handed weapons, or dual-wield two two-handed weapons and swap them out as needed. They also have the only ability in the game to enter a Berserker mode, which increases their damage by 25% and movement speed by 30%.



Barbarians rely heavily on Fury as their main source of ability, and their core skills often deplete Fury quickly. The cooldowns of their ultimate skills and shouts can also be quite long, though there are ways to lessen them. They also require close-quarters combat and can be a bit slow and bulky in the early stages of the game.


Diablo IV Barbarian Class Skills, Pros and Cons Guides


Core skills

Some of the Barbarian's core skills include Bash (which deals 31% damage to an enemy and can stun for 1.25 seconds after four hits), Flay (which deals 5% damage and inflicts 38% bleeding effects over 5 seconds), Frenzy (which deals 21% damage with each pair of hits and reduces the enemy's attack speed by 20% for 3 seconds, up to 60%), and Lunging Strike (which deals 31% damage). 


Defensive skills

Barbarians also have defensive skills to provide a boost in defensive capabilities and control enemies in AOE environments. These include Rallying Cry (which grants allies a +30% increase in movement speed and x50% increase in resource generation for 6 seconds), Ground Stomp (which deals 10% damage and stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds), and Double Swing (which deals 38% damage from each weapon).


The Barbarian is a powerful tank class in Diablo IV, and with the right skill set, they can be incredibly effective. Barbarians have always been known for their prowess in combat and this time around, the class has been given some awesome new skills and upgrades.


Offensive skills

The Barbarian can use a variety of skills to increase their survivability and offensive capabilities. One of the most notable skills is the Ground Stomp, which stuns enemies for a longer period of time when upgraded. The Iron Skin skill is great for absorbing damage and can be upgraded to absorb even more damage. The Challenging Shout provides a massive damage reduction and can be upgraded to increase the duration of the effect.


Kick skill

The Brawling skill set provides a great mix of defensive and offensive options. The Kick skill deals impressive damage and knocks enemies back, and when upgraded, adds Vulnerable for 4 seconds. 


Leap skill

The Leap skill can be used to quickly move and attack multiple enemies, and when upgraded, reduces its cooldown if it doesn't damage an enemy. The War Cry increases damage for nearby allies and can be upgraded to grant the Berserker trait for 3 seconds. 


Charge skill

Lastly, the Charge skill pushes enemies back and deals massive damage, and when upgraded, deals additional damage and stuns enemies if they are knocked back into the terrain.


Ultimate Skill

The Ultimate Skill is a very powerful skill with a long cooldown. The Barbarian can choose one Ultimate Skill to use, and they can be upgraded to make them even more powerful. The Iron Maelstrom Ultimate Skill attaches chains to the Barbarian's weapons and slams the ground, dealing massive damage and stunning enemies. When upgraded, it increases critical strike chance and damage. The Call of the Ancients Ultimate Skill summons 3 Ancients to fight with the Barbarian. 


Korlic leaps on enemies, Talic activates a whirlwind, and Madawc upheaves the ground dealing massive damage. When upgraded, Korlic gains Fury with each hit and Talic slows enemies for 1 second and Madawc has a chance to stun enemies. Lastly, Wrath of the Berserker grants the Barbarian Berserker and Unstoppable traits and increases the damage bonus with each Fury spent. When upgraded, it increases movement speed and Fury generation.



Barbarians are incredibly powerful tanks and can be incredibly effective with the right skill set. With so many potential upgrades, the Barbarian is one of the most versatile classes in Diablo IV. With the Ultimate Skills, Barbarians can really bring pain and make their enemies regret ever crossing their path.

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