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Is Runescape 3 Worth Play In 2023?

Runescape 3 is a high-fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Jagex and released in January 2001. It is the third iteration of the MMO, gaining popularity and recognition since its original release. Runescape 3 boasts around 50,000 daily players, with a living world of new challenges, skills, and quests for players to explore. The game does have a long and controversial development history, with some accusing the game of lacking the magic and heart of its older iteration, Old School Runescape. However, despite this, Runescape 3 has seen some improvements and additions over its predecessor.


Is Runescape 3 Worth Play In 2023?



When it comes to gameplay, both games have something to offer. Runescape 3 boasts a fast-travel system, which is convenient for busy and casual gamers. Additionally, Runescape 3 has made some great improvements to quests, such as adding minor details that enhance the story. Old School Runescape, meanwhile, has a focus on rewarding exploration, which can be a great experience for players who enjoy grinding and exploring the world.



Runescape 3 offers a wealth of convenience features. Players can fast travel, their inventory is larger, and they don't need to spend hundreds of hours grinding out skills like they would in OSRS. However, this convenience comes at the cost of world immersion. OSRS players must manually travel, their inventory is limited, and they must invest a lot of time to reach the max level. Ultimately, it comes down to the player's lifestyle and what kind of game they are looking for.


Mobile version

Runescape 3 also has a mobile version, allowing players to easily switch between PC and couch play. However, the game suffers from successful older sibling syndrome, as OSRS is much more popular than its newer counterpart. The game also has monetization mechanics, such as cash shop skins, that may take away from the wow factor of seeing a player with full dragon armor or a crystal bow. Another con is the presence of dead systems, which have not been removed or updated by Jagex.


Character customization

Character customization is simple but effective; players are able to tailor their character to their own liking, with the style of Old School Runescape kept intact. The same skills and tutorial island returns, but with some graphical improvements. These graphical improvements become apparent when it comes to tools and items; with a single hit of the tool and oxygen, fire can now be created with ease. This change has been met with a positive reception, as it is a groundbreaking discovery for the game.


Activity tracker

Runescape 3 also has an activity tracker, allowing players to tailor their character’s progress to their own liking. There is now a “fast travel” feature, which some players may find useful but others may not. Finally, the examine tab allows players to view the gear of other players and do research on where it comes from.


Dual wielding

One of the biggest changes in Runescape 3 is the introduction of dual wielding. Fans of the franchise were no doubt excited to see this new mechanic, but the implementation of it brings strong memories of what 343 Industries removed from Halo: Infinite. Fortunately, the UI in Runescape 3 makes it easy to customize the experience to fit your preferences, allowing players to choose how much or how little they want to see on their screen.


Material Bank

The Material Bank is another great feature in Runescape 3 that allows players to store items and craft them as needed. This is a great convenience for those who have busy lives with kids or jobs who don't have time to grind out items and RS3 GP. Additionally, the premium subscription from Old School Runescape carries over to Runescape 3, so you don't have to pay for a separate one.



The combat system is still the same point-and-click system, but there are now rotating abilities on the toolbar that automatically cycle through. These abilities add a bit of adrenaline to the combat and can be changed or swapped out as needed. Additionally, the Area Loot and Loot All buttons make it easy to pick up items without having to manually click on each one.



When it comes to monetization, Runescape 3 has a much more modern model. Players can choose to pay an optional subscription fee, as well as purchase cosmetics and other items in the cash shop. While this may be appealing to some players, it is important to note that this system can lead to pay-to-win insinuations and has been criticized by some for this reason. Old School Runescape, on the other hand, is a more straightforward model. Players can simply subscribe to access the entire game.


Final Thought

Runescape 3 is a great game that has something for everyone, from old-school fans to new players. It has a lot of great features, such as dual wielding, the Material Bank, and customizable combat abilities, as well as a few controversial elements, such as the cash shop. Whether you're an old-school fan or a new player, Runescape 3 is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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