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Explore the Exciting New Features of Old School Runescape's Bounty Hunter Worlds Update

Old School Runescape has just released a brand-new update to the game: Bounty Hunter Worlds. This new feature is designed to be a safe and fair environment for players of all levels to come together and enjoy Player vs Player (PvP) combat. The game has implemented a new system that prevents players from cheating or exploiting the game. For instance, there will be no tile block, no protection prayers, no entangles, and no icebergs. The game also has a combat level restriction, which will prevent players from farming low-level players for OSRS gold or gear.



Explore the Exciting New Features of Old School Runescape


Wilderness of Gielinor

The Wilderness of Gielinor is about to get even wilder with the introduction of a new Bounty Hunter Creator. The Creator is designed to give players the chance to fight without having to use the Protect Item prayer, while still allowing them to protect one item if they are above 25 prayers. There are two options that could be used to make this happen.


Option 1

Option one is that everybody in the Bounty Hunter Creator would be skulled. This would make it easy to understand what you're getting into, and it would prevent players from having to buy return sets or stock up in advance. On the other hand, it might be off-putting for newer PvPers. 


Option 2

Option two is that the typical skulling mechanics are used throughout the Creator. If you initiate combat, you get a skull that you can’t lose during the fight. Players who choose to remain un-skulled will have to deposit GP into a coffer to be able to enter the Creator. The amount of GP required could scale with your combat level or with level combat level brackets, and it would only take effect after you've obtained a few kills. 


Emblem system

The emblem system is also a memorable component of the Bounty Hunter Creator. It encourages players to go for kill streaks and rewards them with bonus points for killing emblem holders. There are two ideas that have been proposed, and the value of emblems depends on the rewards available. The first is the single emblem approach, which rewards players with bonus points for killing emblem holders, and allows players to build up kill streaks to cash in their own Tier 10 emblems for bonus points. The second is to give extra points for kill streaks, meaning players will still get something extra even if they die with their emblem before trading it in. 


Bonuses for certain kill milestones

Rogue players, who attack someone who isn't their target, won't be eligible for any additional rewards, and they will be given a skull to let other players know to be wary. The consequences for going rogue could be as simple as preventing them from exiting the lobby area for a short time, or something a bit more creative. 


Overall, Runescape's new Bounty Hunter Worlds update is a great way for players of all levels to enjoy safe and fair PvP combat. With the new features, players can fight honorably and quickly without worrying about being taken advantage of. The update also introduces an anti-nh system, which should discourage players from using cheats or exploiting the game. The new Wilderness Boss update is also a great way for players to practice their PvM skills. With the new Bounty Hunter Worlds, Runescape is sure to be an even more enjoyable game for everyone.

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