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How to Progress Old School Runescape Without Trading or Banking?

Starting an Ultimate Ironman account is an exciting challenge for many players of Old School RuneScape. As an Ultimate Ironman, it is important to understand the rules of the game and how to progress without trading or banking. The goal is to experience the game in a way that is both fun and educational while learning the mechanics of the UIM play style.



How to Progress Old School Runescape Without Trading or Banking?


Unlock Protection Prayers and get Level 99 Firemaking

One of the first goals on the account is to unlock Protection Prayers and get Level 99 Firemaking. To do this, players will use the Chaos Altar Method in the Wilderness. All items must be dropped in order to take advantage of this method, as it is a dangerous death should the player become attacked.


Use the Chaos Altar

Players must also become a member in order to use the Chaos Altar, and teleport to Clan Wars to reach the Wilderness. There is a bone spawn near the Fairox Enclave, which players will run to and pick up. Once the inventory is full, they will run to the Chaos Altar and use a bone on the altar. The player should use the left click on bones to use rather than bury, using the menu entry swapper plugin. The levels will come quickly, but the method takes around three to four hours to complete.


Unlocked Protection

Once the Protection Prayers are unlocked, the player can move on to the Wintertodt Plan. This plan requires the player to have low HP, so they must stay below 12 HP for the maximum hit at the Wintertodt. They must also have levels in Construction and Fletching (15-20), as well as Herb Lore, to be able to heal the Pyromancers in order to get points.


Stackable food source

The player must also get a stackable food source, as cakes are not a viable option on a UIM account. Pineapples are a good choice and will require OSRS GP to purchase. A looting bag is also useful but is not necessary.


Work towards Level 50 Firemaking

The player must also work towards Level 50 Firemaking, as well as get a bronze ax and log. They can do this by completing Monk's Friend quest, as it also rewards law runes. The player can then fletch the logs to get Fletching levels while they prepare for the Wintertodt Plan.


Working on level 15 fire-making

The player begins by working on level 15 fire-making, an important skill for burning oak logs. To do this, they hop worlds and light four logs at a time until they reach the desired level. Then they move on to fletching, chopping willow logs, and collecting bird's nests. By the end of the episode, they have achieved level 15 fire-making, level 30 woodcutting, and level 17 fletching, and gained 2100 GP. They also have unlocked protection prayers, Wintertodt, 6 quest points, and one completed collection log slot and combat achievement. 


Old School Runescape is an immersive experience that takes time and dedication to succeed. This episode shows the player's determination to level up their skills and make progress in the game. It also shows how the player is able to use the game's mechanics to their advantage, such as hopping worlds to light logs and collecting bird's nests for OSRS Gold. With dedication and hard work, the player can look forward to more exciting adventures in the future.

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