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Guides for Players Returning to Runescape Year 2023

If you are like many players and have not played Runescape in 5-14 years, you may feel lost jumping back into the game. This article is here to give you RS Guides of everything you need to know and some tips to get right back into this classic 2001 medieval point-and-click video game.



Guides for Players Returning to Runescape Year 2023



There are some challenging boss fights, such as The Daughter of Chaos, Slisk, and Nomad's Elegy. Even the newest quest, Extinction, has a difficult boss fight. If you are struggling with money, shop runs are a good money maker. You can buy items from in-game shops for cheaper than what they are sold for on the Grand Exchange. You can also make 1 million Runescape GP a day from buying 5,000 water runes for 5 GP a piece and selling them on the Grand Exchange for over 200 GP each.



Since the release of Dungeoneering in 2008, three new skills have been released and one more is coming out this year. Divination is a support skill for Invention, but it has uses such as the pocket slot item Porter which can send items to the bank. Mining and Smithing have been reworked and the best melee armor, Masterwork, is created with Smithing. The invention is an elite skill requiring 80 Smithing, 80 Divination, and 80 Crafting to unlock. It allows you to add perks to weapons, armor, and tools that give passive buffs across the game. Archeology is a skill that is similar to Mining and Smithing with extra steps. You dig up relics and restore them to unlock Relic Powers that give passive buffs. Clue Scrolls are now big money since rare items are needed for Invention. You can make 40-45 million GP an hour with easy Clue Scrolls. Thieving has been slightly reworked and you no longer need to reclick when trying to pickpocket NPCs.



Mage is the easiest combat meta right now. After completing the City of Senntisten quest, you can animate dead to become a tank with magic tank armor. This is a good option for newer players and those who want to learn the meta.


Bows and Crossbows

Bows and Crossbows are the most effective way to go. This is due to the introduction of new arrows, such as Elder Gold Arrows, Big Arrows, Jazz Arrows, and Full Arrows. Big Arrows are the most effective, as they poison your target and the damage increases with each arrow shot. This can add up to a few thousand points of damage with long boss fights. This is especially useful if you're using a bow with a lower level. 


PvM action

God wars Dungeon 2 and Heart of Gielinor are two great places to start. God Wars Dungeon 2 consists of four new bosses, each with their own mechanics to master. Elite Dungeons offer an even greater challenge, as you'll have to face three big bosses and several mini-bosses. Elder God Wars Dungeon 3 is even more difficult, however, and is best left for more advanced players. For those looking for an ultimate challenge, the Zaros Cape and Kiln Cape are available for those who complete the necessary quests. 


No matter your level of skill, the best advice we can give you is to have fun with the game. Runescape has come a long way in the past 14 years. With the help of this article and some tips, you should be able to jump right back into the game.

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