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ESO Knight Nightblade AoE Damage Build

The ESO Knight Nightblade build is a unique and exciting for players who are looking for a fun and challenging playstyle. This build focuses on using a combination of heavy armor and stealthy skills to create a powerful character that can take on any challenge. The Knight Nightblade utilizes heavy armor to protect itself while using powerful magic and stealth to take out its opponents. With this build, you can take on solo content, dungeons, and raids with ease. If you want a build that offers great defense and offensive capabilities, then this is the build for you. It's a lot different from all the other Nightblade builds posted, and it honestly feels like it hits like a truck while still doing a lot of AoE damage



ESO Knight Nightblade AoE Damage Build



First, let's look at our character. We definitely want to be a Knight Nightblade, because Khajiit is the best race for any Nightblade, to be honest, it just gives you so much crit, and the crit and night blade are just so strong. We'll put 24 points into Magic, 15 points into Health, and 25 points into Stamina, giving us a max Magic Pool of 20.6K, a max Health Pool of 31.3, and a max Stamina of 19.3



using The Shadow to increase our critical damage and healing, and for our food, we'll be using Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch, which gives us a ton of Health and Stamina/Magic Recovery. If you can't afford this, use Jewels of Misery as a cheap alternative, which will still get you the Health and Recovery you need. We'll also be using Vampire Stage 3 to take less damage at lower health, as well as taking advantage of the Undeath passive. 



using Battleworks for our Helmet, Heavy Reinforced for our Chest and Shoulders, Trainee for our Belt, Plague Break for our Hands and Boots, and Mars Bomb Reinforced for our Legs. All of our Enchantments will be Prismatic to get our max stats as high as possible. For our Jewelry, we'll be using a Plague Break Amulet in the Infused Tray with a Weapon Damage Enchantment on it, a Mark of the Magistry Mythic Ring in the Infused Tray with a Weapon Damage Enchantment on it, and a Mars Bomb Ring in the Infused Tray with a Weapon Damage Enchantment on it. 



using Dual Wielded Plague Break Axes on our front bar, a Nirnhoned Axe with a Shock Damage Enchantment on our Main Hand, and a Precise Staff with a Physical Damage Glyph on our Back Bar. 


Front Bar Skills

Front Bar Skills will be Concealed Weapon as our flammable, Camouflage Hunter to get us Major Savagery, Power Extraction to get us Major Brutality and Sorcery, Merciless Resolve for our burst damage, and Soul Tether as our Ultimate.


Back Bar Skills

Back Bar Skills will be Leeching Strikes to keep our sustain up, Phantasmal Escape for Major Evasion, Minor Berserk, and a free roll dodge, Resolving Vigor for our main heal over time, Healthy Offering for our burst heal, Refreshing Path for Major Expedition, Minor Endurance, and Minor Intellect, and Temporal Guard for Minor Protection. 


Champion Points

Putting points into Rattle Strike, Master at Arms, Focus, Mending, and Ironclad


Red slot tables

Red slot tables are going to be sustained by suffering, celerity, and survival instincts. Our green tree, the only things that we really care about, are break, fall rationer, and liquid efficiency. Let's take a look at what these stats look like buffed up. With a buff, our resistance is upped to 31.4k spell resistance and 30.7k physical resistance. On our back bar, we can see that our weapon damage is increased to 56,65866. To increase your damage even more, use the ability of Power Extraction on your enemies.

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