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ESO Power Leveling Spots and Maximize Efficiency

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is an expansive online role-playing game set in the world of Tamriel. With so much content, it can be daunting and time-consuming to level up your character. Fortunately, there are a few spots that you can use to power level quickly and efficiently. Here are the top 7 best power leveling spots and Maximize Efficiency in Elder Scrolls Online:



ESO Power Leveling Spots and Maximize Efficiency


Delves in Alik'r Desert

Delves are one of the most popular power-leveling spots in the game. You don't need any gear or abilities to get started, and you'll get a bunch of Fighter's Guild XP while you're at it. All you need to do is find the three domes (denoted by a hurricane-like symbol on the map) and run them in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. As you run them, you'll get a bit of XP for each enemy you touch, plus a ton of Fighter's Guild XP.


Zombie Farming

Zombie farming is another great way to level up quickly. You can find them all over Tamriel, but the best spots are in The Rift and Alik'r Desert. In The Rift, you can teleport to the Fulstrom Homestead Shrine and follow the path north to the zombie farm. In Alik'r Desert, you can just run around the docks and scoop up the zombies. Just remember that these spots are overland content, so you may need to compete with other players for the spot.



Spellscar is a great spot for more experienced players with some Champion Points. The strategy here is to find three groups of mobs, stand in the middle of them, and pull them to you. Then, you knock them all down and move on to the next area. Just be careful not to pull them too far or they'll reset and run away.


Skyreach Catacombs

Skyreach Catacombs is one of the fastest ways to level in the game, but you'll need a group to do it. Fortunately, there are always people outside the entrance looking for a group, so you won't have any trouble finding a partner. The mobs inside are quite tough, so it's best to have a partner to help you.



Craglorn is a great spot for solo players. The mobs here are a bit tougher than average, but the rewards are well worth it. You'll get a ton of experience for taking down each group of mobs. Just be sure to watch out for the hard-hitting mobs!



Skyreach is a great place to grind for both new and experienced players. To get the most out of it, you'll want to have one partner for this, and you'll want to do this on normal difficulty. To start, spawn in and run through the first room, grabbing all of the mobs. Next, head right into the next series of hallways, eventually stopping at the base of these stairs to kill all the mobs that are following you. After this, just follow the left wall, waking up every enemy you run by so that they follow you to the base of the second set of stairs. After you've killed them all, kick the person from your group and instantly re-invite them. This will reset the instance and you can start again. 


Blackrose Prison

Blackrose Prison is normally a series of four-man arenas, each of which has multiple waves of enemies that spawn before spawning a final wave, which includes a boss. Just like Skyreach, you'll want one partner for this, and you'll want to do this on normal difficulty. When the boss spawns, open the party menu and then leave the instance on PC. You can do this by pressing P and then T. Once both you and your partner are outside of the instance, open the party menu and change the difficulty to Veteran, then back to Normal Difficulty. This will reset your group's Normal version of the arena so that you can go back inside and start again. 


How to maximize Leveling Up efficiency

There are three ways to increase the amount of experience you get from everything you do. 


Experience Scrolls or Potions

The first is to use Experience Scrolls or Potions. You can have one scroll or one potion active at a time. They come in three different tiers: 50% increased XP, 100%, and 150%. You cannot stack a scroll and a potion together, so you'll have to pick one or the other. The 150% XP potions are insanely expensive, so I don't even bother with them. When I'm leveling mains, we will have plenty of increased experience from everything else that we're doing. The scrolls are usually given to you as login rewards and the potions are crafted by players and can be purchased from Guild Traders. 


Training trait that you can put on your gear

The second way to increase your XP is to use the Training trait that you can put on your gear. You can put this trait on all of the body pieces, as well as the weapon, which means that you can get up to 96% increased experience. Be aware that the traits give more experience the higher the quality gear, so blue will give less experience than purple, and purple will give less experience than Eso gold. Since you're not going to use your Training gear for very long, it's usually pretty low-level stuff that you out-level very fast. I wouldn't take it higher than purple. There's no reason to take it all the way to gold unless you just have gold to burn. 


ESO's double experience events

We can take advantage of ESO's double experience events. These events happen about once every quarter and you get double experience the entire time that event is active. These events are great times to create alts because you are getting a free 100% increased experience for the whole duration, and yes, this bonus experience from the event does stack with your consumable potion or scroll buff and your training trait on your gear, which means these three things can add up together to around 346% bonus experience. 


Random daily dungeon

Finally, don't forget to do your random daily dungeon. This can give you up to one hundred thousand bonus experience upon your first completion of the day. Do not sleep on this one! You can start doing these at level 10 and you get more experience for it the higher level you are. 


Final Thought

Power leveling in Elder Scrolls Online is a great way to get your character to max level quickly and efficiently. With the right spots and strategies, you can get your character to max level in no time. So, get out there and start power leveling!

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