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Making Millions of ESO Gold without Grinding

Making gold in the Elder Scrolls Online can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you can make millions of ESO gold without grinding. In this ESO gold making guide, LOLTANK will cover the best ways to make gold passively while still enjoying the game. 



Making Millions of ESO Gold without Grinding


Style Page Farming

Style page farming is one of the most lucrative ways to make gold in ESO. Style pages are a type of rare loot that drops from the last boss in a dungeon on Veteran difficulty. The style of the mask and the difficulty of the dungeon will contribute to how expensive they are and how much supply there is. For example, the Alambra style page from Crypt of Hearts was only worth a couple hundred thousand, whereas a DLC dungeon mask, like Kealnar from The Hollow Grave, is worth three to five million when it was released. 


If you get a style page on the first day or two when it releases, you might benefit quite a bit from selling early. Otherwise, the price will plummet quickly and you might have to keep re-listing. Your other option is to hold onto the style page as a long-term investment. The more desirable the style is, the quicker the price will go up. 


The corresponding shoulder page also drops from the Undaunted Pledge Giver. You can buy the page outright for 50 Undaunted Keys, or it also has a small chance to drop from the dungeon-specific five key coffers or the one-key mystery poppers. 


To maximize your chances of getting style pages, be sure to use the Tamriel Trade Center addon. This will really help you with a lot of the points mentioned in this guide. Additionally, having a tank in the group will help you get an instant queue if you're using the Dungeon Finder. If you have three other friends who want to farm the page, this is the best option. Get your friends together and do a bunch of runs. You don't actually have to do Hard Mode. As long as everyone has the Hard Mode achievement unlocked, you can farm the dungeon without it. 


Motif Farming

Motif farming is another great way to make gold in ESO. Dungeon and trial motifs have a small chance to drop on Normal, a bigger chance to drop a motif on Veteran, and everyone in the group is guaranteed a motif drop on Hard Mode. With the right group, it's possible to get two motifs dropping per run on Hard Mode


Keep an eye on the monthly Crown Store Showcase that ESO releases at the beginning of every month. This will tell you when a new motif is going to be released. Typically, a new dungeon and trial motifs drop a few months after they are released to give people a reason to go back to them. 


For dungeon motifs, it's recommended to farm them on Hard Mode for the guaranteed motif drop. If you have a group that's capable of it, do it. For trial motifs, you can only get a coffer once a week per character. You don't need to do Hard Mode for a guaranteed motif drop. 


Buying Cheap Jewelry and Deconstructing It

Buying cheap jewelry and deconstructing it to sell grains and platings is also a great way to make gold. With the price of jewelry materials still going up, many people do not realize the average price of grains and will sell their jewelry pieces for a fraction of what they would have gotten if they deconstructed it and sold the grains


Selling Sets

If you know what sets are popular in the game and keep yourself informed, you can make some nice Gold. Many of these sets can be found in overland zones or PvP coffers. When looking for items to sell, look for traits such as Divines, Impenetrable, Precise, Infused, and Charged. You can also use the Tamriel Trade Center addon to get an idea of the value of items you have. If you want to increase the value of your items before selling them, you can improve them up to Purple quality.


Furniture Hoarding

Luxury furnishing vendors appear on the weekends in Cold Harbor, and their items change every week. Some of these items can gain value over time, as they're only available once a year. Buying multiple of these items and storing them in a house before selling them later can be a good way to invest your gold.


Farming Veteran Trials

Farming veteran trials for gold is also a good way to make money passively. Selling the Undaunted Plunder you get from each boss, as well as the Gold Trophy at the end, can be a good way to make gold. In some trials, you need to do Hard Mode to obtain the Gold quality. Doing Aetherian Archive on Veteran or Hard Mode is probably one of the quickest trials to get Gold Jewelry.


Deconstructing Gear

If you're doing Veteran Dungeons and Trials, you'll get a lot of Purple gear. Deconstructing it all can actually yield a lot of gold. You can also use the Deconstruction Assistant guild to make it easier to deconstruct on the go.



If you have an abundance of transmutes that you don't need, you can use them to craft weapons, transmute them to Nurn Hound, and then deconstruct them for a chance to get a Potent Nurn Croc. This isn't a 100% success rate, so it's best to only do this if you have a lot of transmutes.



Making gold in ESO doesn't have to be a grind. With the right strategies and a bit of luck, you can make millions of gold without grinding. Style page farming, motif farming, buying cheap jewelry and deconstructing it, and selling sets are all great ways to passively make gold in ESO. The best time to use this gold making technique is during events, since everyone is doing quests and bosses for events. There's a huge influx of jewelry on the market and due to that, the price of the jewelry itself drops. 

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