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Diablo 4 Sorcerer Level Up 1-25 Early Access Beta Frost Bolt Build Guide

Diablo 4 is a hack-and-slash action role-playing game set in the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary. Players will assume the role of a powerful Sorcerer, using elemental magic to battle the forces of evil. The game will feature a new dynamic skill system, allowing players to customize their character build and playstyle. Welcome to the Sorcerer Level 1-25 Early Access Beta Guide! In this guide, LOLTANK will be discussing a Frost Fire build, which will have you clearing all the content and unlocking those Beta rewards in no time! 



Diablo 4 Sorcerer Level Up 1-25 Early Access Beta Frost Bolt Build Guide



To begin, we start with Frost Bolt, which is our filler spell. It does a small amount of damage and applies Chill to the enemy, slowing them down. Once they are chilled enough, they can be frozen in place. 


Levels 3 ~ 4

For levels 3 and 4, we take Enhanced Frost Bolt and Glinting Frost Bolt. Enhanced Frost Bolt has a 15% chance to explode against a chilled target and a guaranteed chance to explode against a frozen target, damaging enemies around them. Glinting Frost Bolt gives the ability to generate mana when hitting chilled or frozen enemies. 


Levels 5 ~ 7

  • At level 5, we take Fireball, which is a concentrated area of effect spell that does quite a bit of damage. 
  • Level 6 enhances it, so it costs less mana.
  • Level 7 takes Destructive Fireball, which increases the damage to the initial target it hits. 


Levels 8 ~ 11

  • At level 8, we take Teleport, which is a great tool for traversing the map and getting out of tight spots. 
  • Level 9 takes Frost Nova, which is a route that emanates from our character. This can be good for defensive situations or keeping enemies in place for a follow-up AoE. 
  • Level 10 takes Ice Armor, which is a temporary health shield that can be increased in effectiveness by dealing cold damage. 
  • Level 11 enhances Ice Armor, giving it the effect of increasing mana regeneration. 


Levels 12 ~ 15

  • At level 12, we put an extra point into Fireball. 
  • Level 13 takes Hydra, which summons 3 hydra heads at the location clicked and they spit fire at the closest enemy. 
  • Level 14 enhances this ability, giving it an increased duration. 
  • Level 15 takes Summoned Hydra, which applies a burn to enemies it hits. This also unlocks a class quest that will let you unlock the enchantment slot, a huge power spike for your spells. 


Levels 16 ~ 20

  • For levels 16 and 17, we put two more points into Hydra. 
  • Level 18 switches the enchantment slot to Meteor, which summons a huge rock on the enemy, dealing large AoE damage and leaving a burning patch on the ground. 
  • Level 19 enhances this ability, giving it a 30% chance to summon an additional meteor if it hits 3 or more enemies. 
  • Level 20 takes Wizard's Mediate, which immobilizes enemies in place for two seconds. 


Levels 21 ~ 25

  • For levels 21 and 22, we put some extra points into Hydra. 
  • Levels 23 to 25 put a few more points into Fireball, and that's the build! 

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