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Murder on the Border Quest Guide for Runescape

If you're a Runescape player who wants to tackle the Murder on the Border quest, this guide will take you through the necessary steps. To start this quest, you must have completed the new Foundation's quest and built every tier-one building inside Fort Faron Free. You will also need six oak frames, six stone wall segments, a weapon, and some food. Follow these steps to complete the Murder on the Border quest:



Murder on the Border Quest Guide for Runescape


Step 1: Talk to Astor in the Town Hall

Head to Fort Faron Free using the lodestone and speak to Astor inside the town hall. Ask her about the quest and then accept it by choosing option one twice. You will then need to head over to Bill near the workshop and pick the first option when starting the conversation, which will start the process to build the kitchen.


Step 2: Build the Kitchen

To build the kitchen, you will need six oak frames and stone wall segments. You can buy the frames on the Grand Exchange or make them yourself on the woodworking bench using refined oak planks. Stone wall segments are created on the stone cutter using regular limestone bricks. Once the kitchen is built, head back to Astor.


Step 3: Find Three Items

Talk to Astor again and choose the first option to talk about Murder on the Border. She will then tell you to meet her in the courtyard. Choose option one to continue and you will have a lot of dialogue to go through. After a lot of dialogue, the Duke ends up getting poisoned and dies. Choose the first option again to get a mystery journal. Now you will need to start by finding three items in the fort. The first item is a nut roast in the kitchen, the second is a half-buried box of jewelry next to the chapel, and the third is a strange satchel found west of the town hall. Choose option three when given the set of options.


Step 4: Link the Items to NPCs

Next, head back to the kitchen and search the supply cupboard to take a hollyhock. Then head to the command center and speak to the Alba NPC and link the nut roast to her. Speak to her again to get your fourth clue. Head to the Bianca NPC near the chapel and link the jewelry box to her. You will get another message in your chat box saying you've gathered five active clues. Speak to the Simon NPC found near the entrance of the town hall and link the "How to Poison Dummies for Dummies" book to him to get your sixth clue.


Step 5: Cook the Poison Detection Potion

Go back to the satchel west of the town hall and choose the first option to grab a vial of water. Go back to the kitchen and add the hollyhock to the vial of water. Then cook a poison detection potion of the hollyhock type on the range. Right click and use this potion on the Duke's meal and choose the second option being Duke's Meat Pate.


Step 6: Speak to Every NPC

You will then need to speak to every single NPC. If you just go ahead and speak to King Royal inside the chapel, you'll get your eighth clue. Speak to Astor again and choose the first option to talk in private. You will be doing this at the top of the town hall on the roof. She will get attacked and you will have to fight an assassin.


Step 7:Speak to Astor and Search the Guard

After killing the assassin, speak to Astor, who is located in the courtyard. Next, search the guard to obtain a letter use Rs Gp. Read the letter, and then speak to any NPC in the courtyard. When given a set of options, choose option one twice to get the first clue out of a set of eight clues.


Step 8: Find the Physical Items

Start by finding the physical items that are needed to solve the quest. The first item is a burnt parchment, which can be found inside the town hall near the fireplace. The second item is a wax seal, which is located next to the chapel. The third item is an unearthed core, which can be found inside the chapel.


Step 9: Link the Wax Seal to Iris and Translate Princess's Message

Head to the workshop and speak to Iris. Link the wax seal to her, and you'll receive the Amulet of Spaniel Speak. Next, go to the dog and link the amulet to Princess to translate what the dog is saying. Follow the directions Princess gives you to uncover three points of interest.


Step 10: Speak to Alba and the Queen

Head to the command center and speak to Alba. Go through options one one two two to get your sixth clue. Next, speak to the Queen to get your seventh clue.


Step 11: Link the Quartz Will to Rodney

Finally, link the quartz will to the Rodney NPC found near the workshop to get your eighth and final clue.


Step 12: Speak to King Rold and Bianca

Go back to the center of the courtyard and speak to King Rold for the final clue in the Runescape murder mystery quest. After the conversation, choose the first option, saying yes, I'm ready. Speak to Bianca, the cook, and choose option 5 as the killer. Then, end the banquet by choosing the first option when speaking to King Rold.


Step 13: Speak to Astor and Rodney

After that, speak to Astor and choose option 1 and then option 1 to ask how Aster is feeling. Finally, head over to the kitchen and speak to Rodney and choose options one and then option one to complete the quest.

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