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How to Make Diablo 4 Perfect Legendary Gear?

In Diablo 4, Legendary items stand out as the highest tier within the itemization system. As an item's quality rises, its affixes become stronger, enabling players to explore facets of their talents that they may have overlooked while building their talent tree. This results in the ability to fashion a greater range of character build, fostering greater diversity among players. Today, we'll be discussing how to make the perfect legendary gear by using rare gear. Knowing how to min-max your gear is essential for any Diablo 4 player, so let's get started.


How to Make Diablo 4 Perfect Legendary Gear?


Legendary gear is no longer the most powerful in Diablo 4. This means that the stats an item rolls with are more important than ever. In the beta, re-rolling stats on a legendary is not an option because it requires a hard resource. Therefore, you can use rares to make perfect pieces of gear.


To make a perfect legendary weapon, first, unlock the occultist by reaching level 25 or clearing any dungeon. This will give you the Codex of Power. Inside, you'll find legendary aspects that you can slot on your gear. Remember, these aspects will always be the lowest possible roll.


Next, find a good rare you want to make legendary. Look for stats you care about, such as double-rolled vulnerable damage, fit, 25 more damage to vulnerable enemies, damage to close enemies, and dexterity. This is a good Roll, but we want to make it perfect. It will cost you 2000 gold.


Now it's time to upgrade it. Upgrading will give you better stats and cost less because it's rare. This will make our item level stronger.


Finally, it's time to make it legendary. To do this, you'll need a legendary aspect. Find one that has the power you want to put on it. Destroy the item and extract the aspect. It will go into your inventory in the aspects tab. Now imprint your bow with that legendary aspect. 


Once you have your perfect legendary weapon, you can add a jewel socket to give it a spot for a jewel or ruby.


You now have a perfect legendary weapon with the exact stats and aspects you wanted. With this guide, you'll be able to min-max your gear in no time and have the best gear possible in Diablo 4.


In summary, by using rares to make perfect legendary gear, you can ensure that your gear has the stats you want and is as powerful as possible. Remember to upgrade your rare gear before making it legendary, and imprint it with a legendary aspect to give it the power you desire. 

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