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Diablo 4 Farming Gold in Hallowed Glacier Dungeon

Diablo 4 With over 150 dungeons, some are tied to the game's main storyline or side quests, while others are self-contained in terms of plot. There are also mini-dungeons that consist of only one room. Completing a dungeon grants the player renown. After clearing out some strongholds, they can become dungeons. The Hallowed Glacier dungeon is located just northeast of the waypoint. This guide will take you through the necessary steps to unlock the Hallowed Glacier dungeon and maximize your farming potential.



Diablo 4 Farming Gold in Hallowed Glacier Dungeon

Step 1: Speak to Senna and Collect 25 Casual Bones

To unlock the Hallowed Glacier dungeon, you must speak to Senna and complete her quest chain. Senna will give you a quest to collect 25 Casual Bones, which can be found in the area she pings on the map. Make sure to complete this quest before moving on to the next step.


Step 2: Speak to the Chief and Complete the Call the Ancients Quest

Once you have collected 25 Casual Bones, speak to the Chief to unlock the Hallowed Glacier dungeon. He will give you the quest Call the Ancients, which will unlock the dungeon once completed. It's important not to complete the quest inside the dungeon, or you won't be able to return.


Step 3: Enter the Hallowed Glacier Dungeon

Now that you've unlocked the dungeon, it's time to head inside. The Hallowed Glacier dungeon is incredibly short, and you don't even need to defeat the last boss to reap the rewards. In fact, as soon as you complete the quest, the dungeon will close, so make sure to complete the quest outside the dungeon.


Step 4: Farm the Elites

The real treasure lies in the elites you'll find throughout the dungeon. There are about nine or ten elites in total, each with the potential to drop gold and gear. With four players, farming these elites can net you up to 300k gold in just two and a half to three hours.


Step 5: Check the Chests

Don't forget to check the chests in each area for extra loot, including the occasional legendary. These chests can provide you with even more valuable items to sell or use.


Step 6: Choose Your Build

To maximize your farming potential, it's best to choose a build that complements your playstyle. Some popular builds for this dungeon include the Earthbender, Poison Claw, Airbender, and Summoner builds. Experiment with different builds and find the one that works best for you.


Step 7: Farm with a Group

Farming with a full group of four players is the most efficient way to farm this dungeon. With four players, you'll be able to clear the elites faster and maximize your loot and Diablo 4 gold.


In conclusion, the Hallowed Glacier dungeon is a great way to farm for loot and gold. By following these steps, you'll be able to unlock the dungeon, farm the elites, and maximize your farming potential. Give it a try and let us know how it goes! Until next time, happy farming!

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