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Top Maps to Earn Runescape Gold with Items Spawns

Runescape gold, also known as RS gold or GP (gold pieces), is the primary in-game currency of the Runescape. It is used to purchase items, equipment, and services from other players and NPCs, as well as for leveling up and training skills. There are several ways to obtain gold in Runescape, including through combat, skilling, trading, and minigames. In this article, we'll explore some methods that you may not have heard of or forgotten about. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and relax as we delve into some unique ways to earn some Runescape GP.

Top Maps to Earn Runescape Gold with Items Spawns

Edgeville Dungeon

Pick up red spider eggs. The Edgeville Dungeon is an easy place to access, and there are a total of six spawns. While red spider eggs aren't as profitable as they used to be, you can still make 97K GP per hour from them.



Look towards the Wilderness for item spawns such as steel plate legs and steel swords. While the respawn time is slow, you can hop worlds to increase your chances. Unfortunately, selling these items may be difficult.


Lunar Isle Dungeon 2

Single anti-fire potion in the Lunar Isle Dungeon 2. Checking a few items, we found that the black scimitar sold well, and there's a black scimitar spawn near the staircase in Edgeville Castle on the second floor. You can fill your inventory in five minutes and 20 seconds and sell them for a decent amount of money, netting you 177,290 GP per inventory.


Temple of Senntisten

Triple iron pickaxe spawn in the Temple of Senntisten. However, selling them may prove difficult.


McGrubor's Wood

Collecting Dwellberries in McGrubor's Wood, but selling them for a decent amount was also difficult.


Buying beer from NPCs

You can get over 4,000 beers per hour from the Boromaid in the Player Imports area. Selling them at 1,271 GP minus 600 GP for Magic Notepaper gets you 2.8 million GP per hour.


Mining sandstone in Menaphos

It's far easier and about the same money per hour to grind it up on the spot to get Extra Fine Sand. This will make you 1.46 million GP per hour after selling.


killing Guards

Killing Guards for their grape drops. In the Varrock Palace courtyard, there are six guards with a 45 second death respawn timer. After killing 110 in 50 minutes, we were left with 42 grapes. This method nets you 1.25 million GP per hour or 1.15 million GP per hour if you use Magic Notepaper.


In conclusion, while all of these GP makers may not be the most profitable or popular methods, they are still worth exploring if you're looking for something different. Fungus and Guards are decent options for low-level requirements and free-to-play players, but overall, these methods may not make you rich in Runescape. So, try them out and see what works for you!

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