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Old School Runescape Larran's Keys Open Guides

Welcome to the guide on opening Larran's Keys in OSRS. This is not for the faint-hearted, as it is one of the most challenging and expensive endeavors you can undertake in the game. However, if you are up for the challenge, here is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve it.

Old School Runescape Larran


Step 1: Acquiring Larran's Keys

The first obstacle you will face is acquiring Larran's Keys. These are untradable, so you will have to obtain them by killing other players in the wilderness. To make this process easier, use a staff-ranking and Larran's Key trading Discord such as Long Hunters Purple and his middleman services. It may take you weeks, but eventually, you will get the keys.


Step 2: Planning your inventory

To open Larran's Keys without banking, you need to plan your inventory carefully. The goal is to have as many inventory slots available as possible while carrying enough food and supplies to survive. The suggested inventory is:

  • 10 Larran's Keys
  • 10 Anglerfish
  • 1 Looting Bag
  • 3-4 Prayer Potions
  • 1 Super Combat Potion
  • 1 Anti-venom+
  • 1 Stamina Potion


Step 3: Juggling Anglerfish

Once you have your inventory ready, it's time to start opening Larran's Keys. The key to success is juggling Anglerfish correctly, so none of them despawn. You will need to save the Anglerfish you bought at the start, as you cannot obtain more. As you progress, you will notice that the Looting Bag will fill up quickly, so make sure to empty it frequently.


Step 4: Opening the Larran's Keys

As you open Larran's Keys, you will start to receive drops. The most valuable drop is the Dagon'hai Top, which is the rarest and most valuable drop from Larran's Keys. After opening 431 keys, you should have received at least one Dagon'hai Top. After 1,000 keys, you should have around 19 Dagon'hai Pieces and a full Looting Bag.


Step 5: Reorganizing your Inventory

As you progress, you may need to reorganize your inventory. You will notice that there are only 30 stackable drops, not 31 as the Wiki suggests. This means you will have one less inventory slot available. Keep track of your drops and be prepared to adjust your inventory accordingly.


Step 6: Selling the Loot

Once you have opened keys, it's time to sell the loot. You should be able to make back a significant amount of the OSRS Gold you spent buying the keys but be prepared for a loss. 

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