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Old School RuneScape Train Magic with Spell Guides

In Old School RuneScape, Magic is considered one of the primary combat classes and a vital skill to master. Its applications range from casting combat spells to teleporting across the world and enchanting items. Though it is feasible to play the game without being proficient in Magic, the ability to use a wide range of spells, particularly High Level Alchemy and teleports, can be a significant advantage. The OSRS Guides article will provide players with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively train Magic from level 10 to 99. There are various methods that players can use, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the most effective methods to level up your Magic in OSRS.

Old School RuneScape Train Magic with Spell Guides


Levels 10-27: Level 1 Enchant Spell

At levels 10 to 27, players should use the Level 1 Enchant spell to enchant opal and sapphire jewelry. This will give players the minimum or maximum experience and gold per hour. Players can buy these jewelry items in the Grand Exchange and then enchant them. This method is the most efficient and cost-effective way to train Magic at this level range.


Levels 27-43: Level 2 Enchant Spell

From levels 27 to 43, players should switch to the Level 2 Enchant spell, which is the same as the Level 1 Enchant spell but for emerald and jade jewelry. Players will receive more than double the experience from this spell compared to the Level 1 Enchant spell. This method is also profitable and allows players to level up their Magic while making some gold.


Levels 43-49: Superheat Spell

At levels 43 to 49, players should use the Superheat spell to turn ore into bars without the use of a furnace. This spell requires Nature and Fire runes and will always successfully smelt iron ore into bars. Players can get almost 100,000 experience per hour by using this spell every three ticks.


Levels 49-55: Level 3 Enchant Spell

From levels 49 to 55, players should use the Level 3 Enchant spell on ruby and topaz jewelry. Players should only use topaz bracelets, as this will turn them into bracelets of slaughter, which is a great item for slayer. Auto-casting this spell will give players 50,000 experience per hour while manually casting will give players up to 118,000 experience per hour.


Level 55: High Alchemy Spell

At level 55, players will unlock the High Alchemy spell. This spell will turn items into gold along with Nature and Fire runes. Players should check to see the difference in price of alchemized items. Players can level up to 99 with this method for nearly 80,000 experience per hour.


Tele Alk and Burst/Barrage

The last two methods in the Standard Spellbook are Tele Alk and Burst/Barrage. For Tele Alk, players should equip a Smoke Battlestaff for both air and fire runes, use a High Alchemy spell on an item of their choice, then teleport immediately after. During the teleport animation, players should click on the High Alchemy spell and use it on their noted item. This can get players up to 150,000 experience per hour.


For Burst/Barrage, players should equip their best Magic or Prayer items along with runes, a light source, emergency teleport, food, and an imbued or saturated heart. Players should explore Monkey Madness 2 and find their way to the eastern part of the cave. Once there, players should turn on auto-retaliate and lower as many monkeys as possible. Once they are in a 3x3 area, players should use their highest multi-combat spell in the Burst or Barrage category. Players should aim for the dose of Prayer Potion drops as they will allow players to stay in the cave for longer periods of time. Players can do up to 1,000 casts per hour for experience and OSRS GP.

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