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Runescape New Update Unwelcome Guest Guides

Runescape is about to receive a brand new update: Unwelcome Guest on April 11th, which will introduce a new slayer master, slayer monsters, and a new creator ability. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about this update.

Runescape New Update Unwelcome Guest Guides


How to Access Unwelcome Guest?

To access the new content, players must complete two quests, New Foundations and Murder on the Border, and have a slayer level of 10 and a construction level of 50. After completing these requirements, players can speak to Overlord Save to begin the new quest. Upon completion, players will unlock the new slayer master, the Raptor, and a new building called the Guard House.


Guard House

The Guard House has three tiers, with each tier providing unique buffs.

  • The Tier 1 Guard House will give players a 1% damage increase on all slayer tasks, which doubles to 2% against undead creatures. It also provides a 2% increased chance to spawn elite slayer mobs during tasks.
  • The Tier 2 Guard House, which requires a construction level of 70 to 80, will double the elite mob spawn chance to 4% and give players a 5% increased soul capture rate in their personal slayer dungeons.
  • The Tier 3 Guard House, requiring a construction level of 90 to 95, provides a 6% increased elite mob spawn chance, 10% increased damage versus solar targets below 25 life points and a 3% chance for ultimate abilities to execute non-boss slayer targets.



The Raptor, as a slayer master, will provide a variety of tasks, mainly focused on undead creatures, including the new slayer creatures that will be added. The new slayer creatures include the Fitted Zombie (level 68), the Bound Skeleton (level 70), the Risen Ghost (level 101), and the Armored Phantom (level unknown). The Fitted Zombie and Bound Skeleton are weak to magic, while the Risen Ghost is weak to range. The Armored Phantom is the most challenging of the four and will reduce healing abilities and rapidly heal itself when low on health.


In addition to these new creatures, players can earn bone fragments on Raptor slayer tasks, which can be turned in for slayer experience. Completing three Slayer Challenge Years at levels 30, 50, and 90 slayers will increase the Slayer points gained from Raptor tasks by 5% each time, up to a maximum of 15%. Finally, it's worth noting that all of the new creatures must be added to the Slayer Codex for completionist requirements.


In conclusion, the Unwelcome Guest update is an exciting addition to Runescape, offering new challenges, Runescape gold, and other rewards for players. Make sure to complete the necessary requirements to access the new content and take advantage of the unique buffs offered by the Guard House. 

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