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How to Make Gold with Every Skill in Old School RuneScape?

Making Gold in Old School RuneScape can be a challenge, especially if you are a new player. But fear not, as there are plenty of ways to make OSRS GP with every skill in the game. In this guide, we will go through each skill and provide you with some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of it.

How to Make Gold with Every Skill in Old School RuneScape?


Prayer - 1.5M GP/Hour

After completing the Shades of Mort'ton quest, you can access the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. By cremating shades with redwood fire logs using a coffin and your Mauritania legs, you can earn a golden key. When doing so, you have a chance of leaving a golden key behind which can be used to open the chest in the crypt. You can cremate nearly 290 remains in an hour, which comes out to be around 1.5 million gp per hour. You can also walk away with 70K prayer experience and a whopping 300K fire making experience per hour.


Magic - 1.3M GP/Hour

The best method to make Gold with magic is to use the Lunar spell called Tan Leather. With level 78 magic and the hard Fremennik Diary, you can use this spell to tan five pieces of leather. Red dragon leather will give you the best bang for your buck. Even with sloppy clicks, you can tan nearly 9K leather in an hour, which equates to upwards of 1.3 million profit. This is also a great magic training method, giving you around 125K experience per hour.


Runecrafting - 1.9M GP/Hour

The best method to make Gold with Runecrafting is to do Blood Runes. With the Colossal Pouch, the Runecrafting Outfit, and the shortcut which requires level 93 Agility, you can craft around 9600 blood runes equivalent to 1.9 million gp per hour at the very humble 50K experience.


Fletching - 450k gp and 170K Experience

Fletching is a great way to make Gold in Old School RuneScape. At level 63, you can attach ruby bolt tips to adamant bolts, which are always in demand. To make them, all you need are these two items in your inventory and then use one on the other for your character to make sets of 10. You can make upwards of 30K bolts in an hour, giving you 450k gp and 170K fletching experience.


Slayer - 2.8M GP/Hour

Slayer is another great way to make Gold in the game. For slayer-only bosses, you have to be at level 95, but the alchemical hydra is the best to make Gold from. You must be on a hydra task in order to kill it, so you can't just farm it whenever you want. You can slay 24 of them per hour, earning you 2.8 mil gp, along with a hundred thousand ranged and the 30k slayer experience in that one hour.


Hunting Blockchain Chinchompas - 800k gp and 96k Hunter experience

To start hunting Blockchain Chinchompas, you need to have at least level 73 in the Hunter skill. However, it is recommended to have at least level 80 to lay six traps in your preferred spot, allowing you to catch more Chinchompas per hour. It's possible to catch around 300 Blockchain Chinchompas per hour, which equates to almost 800k gp and 96k Hunter experience. Be sure to bank your chins periodically to avoid being attacked by player killers.


Mining - 1.3M GP and 14K Mining experience

Mining runite ore under the Myth's Guild is an excellent way to make Gold, but it requires at least level 85 Mining and completion of Dragon Slayer II. Fortunately, every world I visited had both runite rocks available, and I was able to mine 120 rocks in an hour, including minimal banking time. This translates to approximately 1.3 million gp per hour and 14K Mining experience.


Smithing - 1.7M GP and 98K Smithing experience

The best Gold maker available for the Smithing skill is to smelt runite ore into runite bars at the Blast Furnace. To use the Blast Furnace, it is recommended to have at least level 60 in Smithing and to deposit cash into the pouch regularly. With a higher level, you can hold more coal and load the furnace more quickly. As a result, I was able to smelt approximately 2,200 runite bars per hour, which translates to 1.7 million gp and 98K Smithing experience.


Fishing - 480k GP and 45k Fishing experience

The best way to make Gold with Fishing is to catch Dark Crabs at the Wildy Resource Area using a Lobster Pot, Dark Fishing Bait, and Set Spirit Flakes. With a decent Fishing level, you can catch around 500 Dark Crabs per hour, which translates to 480k gp and 45k Fishing experience. However, keep in mind that being in the Wilderness is always a bit risky.


Cooking - 300k GP and 330K Cooking experience

Anglerfish is the most profitable fish to cook and is always in high demand due to PVM activities. It is recommended to cook at either the Myths Guild or the Rogue Stand for maximum efficiency and to use cooking gauntlets to reduce burns per inventory. You need at least level 82 in Cooking to cook Anglerfish, but having a higher level like 90 can yield even more profit. You can also go to the Whole Serious Kitchen for even fewer burns. I cooked approximately 1450 Anglerfish per hour, which yielded nearly 300k gp and a staggering 330K Cooking experience in the same time frame.


Firemaking - 1.5M GP, 300K firemaking, and 70K prayer experience

Cremating Erium Shades like we did for prayer is the best GP per hour with the skill. Some could think of the Winter Toad, but loot crates don't really come close to the amount of profit provided by the golden chest in the Morton Crepe. It's roughly 1.5mil, 300K firemaking, and 70K prayer experience per hour.


Woodcutting - 200K GP along with 45k experience

Cutting Magic Trees at the Woodcutting Guild is the best option. You can access this place at level 60 with cutting and 75 Hosidius favor. Because of PVM drops, woodcutting has been massively devalued over the years, and we can only wait to see if forestry will be able to revive this skill. With 99 woodcutting and the invisible plus 7 level boost from the guild, I was able to cut around 180 magical logs per hour, giving me a profit of nearly 200K GP along with 45k experience in the same time.


Farming - 360k GP and the 10K farming experience

Statistically speaking, farming snapdragons is the best use of your Gold granted you have a high level for your herbs not to die so often. A full nine patch run in six minutes provided a yield of 94 herbs out of 9 seeds for a total profit of 360k and the 10K farming experience in that one cycle. Try to use cheap seeds that yield expensive herbs to maximize profit.


Melee, Range, and Magic - 4M GP/Hour

Farming Vorkath using a dragon hunter lance is a great way to make Gold, especially if you are good at killing it. With this method, you can kill six Vorkaths in a 12-minute trip, earning you around 4 million gp per hour. You can also get up to 25k experience per hour in attacking defense and about a 32k strength experience.

Another consistent Gold-making method is to kill the Phantom Mephit. Even with budget gear and the occasional supply drops, you can earn around 1.4 million gp in a 20-minute trip. You can use both ranged and magic with an ancient spellbook to take down this boss.

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